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Advanced Manufacturing Operations Solutions

Accelerate your digital transformation

From automated production to predictive analytics, Industry 4.0 brings new opportunities to grow and expand your business, which is why our solutions are built with the future in mind. So you can stay ahead of industry trends and break into untapped markets with a flexible and secure foundation that’s ready to evolve with you. 

What our solutions can do for you

Drive Industry 4.0 innovation

Step ahead of the curve with a dynamic network designed to adapt to changing trends and support continuous growth

Improve OEE

Identify bottlenecks with immediate access into your entire production floor data rather than periodical assessments.

Leverage wireless solutions

Transform your production with real-time location services and mobile applications

Unlock business intelligence

Take control of data generated by all your connected assets and put it to work to make better business decisions.

Advanced manufacturing operations solutions

Sustainable facility solutions

Build an intelligent plant to better manage energy, waste, and materials to achieve emissions and recycling objectives for a sustainable business while balancing social responsibility and regulatory compliance.

Industrial automation

Securely connect production systems--including IACS devices, sensors, actuators, and controllers; key machines; and assets such as robots, CNC machines, tools, process skids, and RTUs--to plant and enterprise networks.

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Cisco and Schneider EcoStruxure TVDA (PDF - 3.0 MB) >

Data collection and management

Capture compute information from point of acquisition to target systems for faster decision-making, real-time insights and machine learning.

Cisco Edge Intelligence >   Case Study: AWNC >   Case Study: Daimler Trucks >

Customer Story: Audi >     Infographic: Enable the Cloud Edge >  

Case Study: Port of Rotterdam (PDF - 876 KB) >

Asset visibility and control

Gain visibility into your manufacturing network and automation devices to easily deploy and manage a secure and converged IT/OT network at scale.

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Customer Story: Pforzheim >       Infographic: Enable the Cloud Edge >

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Remote operations

Gain visibility and insights, stop manual troubleshooting, and reduce time spent on issues with wireless solutions that are highly secure, scalable, and easy to manage.

Case Study: Del Brenta >  Work where you need to be >    Infographic: Enable the Cloud Edge >

Remote operations for the new normal >

New network saves factory $1M in the first year

This has been a game changer for our business. We completely recouped our initial investment in just nine months and saved more than $1M in the first year.

Ayako Wilson, Senior General Manager, AWNC