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Industry Solutions Cisco Validated Design Guides (CVDs)

A Network foundation to Optimize Operations

Implement Cisco validated industrial and transportation network architectures to meet the needs of operations, and IT.  These design and implementation guides are tested and validated reference architectures which provide the core network foundation to help reduce risk and successfully deploy today’s top automation platforms and Industrial IoT solutions.

Featured reference and design guides

Connected Communities

An intent-based network for cities, communities and roadways, supporting a broad range of use cases with simplified security and management.

Extended Enterprise

Securely extend your enterprise network to non-carpeted spaces with Cisco IoT networking and Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA)

Industrial Automation

Improve business operations by digitizing production environments.

Read at-a-glance document


Distribution Automation

Enable your distribution grid for advanced operations.

Remote and Mobile Assets

Get your remote and mobile assets securely connected to your network with Cisco Industrial Routers and Kinetic.

Find design guides for industry-specific systems and architectures.

Industry Solution Design Guide Description
Cities and Communities Cisco Kinetic for Cities Urban Mobility-Crowd Cisco Kinetic for Cities (CKC), which is a purpose-built Cisco Kinetic platform, is Cisco’s IoT solution for Smart Cities that addresses various city digitization programs. Cisco Kinetic for Cities Starter Solutions are bundles or packages that help customers to get started quickly with limited budgets.
Digital Building Solution Cisco and Molex DBS Design Guide This document, which describes the solution architecture for the Cisco and Molex Digital Building Solution, specifies the functionality and roles of solution components and how they interact. The Digital Building Solution focuses on best practice design and implementation details for specific aspects such as lighting network design, Power over Equipment (POE) power management, lighting endpoint devices communications, security, and scaling.
Digital Building Solution Cisco and Molex DBS Implementation Guide This document provides implementation details for the Cisco and Molex Digital Building Solution initial installation, migrating the lighting initial setup to a production campus network topology and on-going lighting system management and maintenance.
Distribution Automation Secondary Substation Design Guide This Cisco Distribution Automation-Secondary Substation Design Guide provides a comprehensive explanation of the Cisco Smart Grid FAN solution design for Secondary Substation monitoring use cases, including FLISR and Volt/VAR control.
Distribution Automation Feeder Automation Design Guide This document provides a comprehensive explanation of the entire end-to-end Cisco Smart Grid Field Area Network (FAN) solution design, which was developed for the Utility Industry in the Americas region and leverages the license free spectrum: ISM band 902 - 928 MHz for last mile connectivity of the Distribution Network Grid devices. The document describes the two most common Distribution Automation use cases for monitoring and control of Distribution electrical lines equipment: Volt/VAR and Fault Location, Isolation, and Service Restoration (FLISR).
Extended Enterprise Extended Enterprise Design Guide The Cisco® Extended Enterprise solution captures business intent and extends it to the non-carpeted spaces of the enterprise, where the operations happen. The solution brings Cisco’s market-leading intent-based networking, Internet of Things (IoT) networking, and Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) all the way to the IoT edge. This document targets both IT and non-IT audiences to provide a high-level overview of the solution architecture and the building blocks.
Industrial Automation Networking and Security in Industrial Automation Environments Cisco's Industrial Automation CVD solution applies network, security, and data management technologies to Industrial Automation and Control System (IACS) plant environments and key production assets that are the core to operational environments. It provides a Cisco validated reference architecture and design and deployment guidance for customers, partners, and system implementers.
Manufacturing Connected Factory - HA Seamless Redundancy in the Factory Network This High-Availability Seamless Redundancy in the Factory Network Cisco Validated Design (CVD) provides a tested and validated architecture to deploy HSR in ring topologies in the factory Cell/Area zone, which is the area where the IACS and end devices (Levels 0-2) connect to the network. This document guides the reader through the high-level technology and architecture.
Manufacturing Connected Factory-CPwE Solution to assist manufacturers seeking to integrate or upgrade their Industrial Automation and Control System (IACS) networks to standard Ethernet and IP networking technologies.
Manufacturing Connected Factory - PROFINET Solution for PROFINET-based industrial environments to integrate Cisco Industrial Ethernet switches into the automation network.
Manufacturing Connected Factory - CC-Link IE Solution for CC-Link IE-based industrial environments to integrate Cisco Industrial Ethernet switches into the automation network.
Manufacturing Connected Machine Enable rapid and repeatable machine connectivity, providing business improvements such as overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and machine monitoring.
Manufacturing Connected Factory - Network Management for Operational Technology Discusses the use of Cisco's Industrial Network Director application for monitoring industrial network assets and discovering automation devices within the context of the Connected Factory solution.
Oil & Gas Connected Pipeline - Control Center Secure, virtualized Control Center design for Oil & Gas pipeline operators, including secure remote access and operational support
Oil & Gas Connected Pipeline - Operational Telecoms Best practice, secure, design guidance for Oil & Gas pipeline wide area networks and pipeline station networks. This includes networks between Control Centers, from Control Centers to pipeline stations, between pipeline stations, and inside pipeline stations
Oil & Gas Connected Refinery and Processing Facility Best practice, secure design guidance leveraging industrial wireless and mobility for next generation refining and processing
Oil & Gas Pipeline Industry Reference Design This reference document describes the Cisco Systems, AVEVA, and Schneider Electric approach to cybersecurity in the Oil and Gas industry, specifically for Pipeline Management Systems.
Remote and Mobile Assets DIG This Cisco Remote and Mobile Assets solution pairs Cisco's leading industrial routers (IR series) with Cisco Kinetic®. It provides a cloud-based platform for managing every component of asset connectivity-from the network and data to sensors and applications. The goal is to provide IT teams the tools they need while allowing field teams to focus on asset operations.
Remote and Mobile Assets Solution Brief The RaMA solution packages Cisco Industrial Router (IR) portfolio with our simple-to-use cloud-based management platform (GMM) to enable easy extension of the enterprise network to geographically dispersed remote and mobile assets. This document is targeted at both IT and non-IT audiences to provide a high-level overview of the solution architecture and five building blocks.
Remote and Mobile Assets Enterprise Network Integration Best practices for the enterprise headend focusing on resiliency, high-availability, load-balancing, and security. Includes detailed descriptions of FlexVPN and WAN redundancy mechanisms.
Remote and Mobile Assets Fleet Management Architecture for mobile applications in which the IR829 acts as the managed gateway and provides wired and wireless connectivity for southbound devices, as well as numerous northbound interfaces (LTE, Wireless Workgroup Bridge, GPS). Use of edge compute in the form of Cisco IOX is also included.
Remote and Mobile Assets Remote Site Management Best Practices for remote site connectivity, covering the use of the full range of Cisco Industrial Routers (IR 807, IR 809, IR829, IR 1101) as the managed gateway, providing wired and cellular connectivity for southbound devices as well as numerous northbound interfaces. This module also covers best practices for inbound connectivity for devices behind the gateway including isolation of management and data planes and whitelisting of applications and devices.
Remote and Mobile Assets Security Describes how the RaMA solution was designed from the ground up with security in mind. Includes detailed descriptions of how the solution fits into the SAFE model, including securing the gateways, data plane, and management plane. Also includes a section on achieving PCI compliance.
Transportation Connected Rail This document provides details about the test topology, relevant feature configuration, and deployment of this solution. It is meant to be representative of a deployed solution and not all-inclusive for every feature presented. It will assist deploying solutions faster by showing an end-to-end configuration along with relevant explanations.
Transportation Connected Rail This Solution Overview is a high level overview of the Cisco® Connected Rail Solution for railways and other mobile transit environments.
Transportation Connected Rail The document covers the solution design and best practice recommendations from Cisco for Connected Rail deployments, including the Connected Train, Connected Trackside, and Connected Station subsystems.
Transportation Connected Mass Transit Design Guide for securely connecting disparate transit systems to create a converged IP network infrastructure.
Transportation Connected Mass Transit Implementation Guide for securely connecting disparate transit systems to create a converged IP network infrastructure.
Transportation Connected Roadways Design and best practice recommendations for a scalable and resilient multi-service transport infrastructure for any size and scale of deployment.
Transportation First Responder Fleet This Cisco Reference Design for First Responder Fleet deployments provides a comprehensive and converged communications infrastructure and application framework to enable the deployment of multiple services for First Responder Fleets.
Utilities GridBlock Reference Model GridBlocks architecture for forward-looking integration of the electrical grid with a digital communications network.
Utilities Field Area Networks A two-tier architecture that supports Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI), Distribution Automation, and work force automation.
Utilities Field Area Network 2.0 This Cisco Connected Utilities Field Area Network 2.0 Design and Implementation Guide provides a comprehensive explanation of the Cisco Smart Grid Field Area Network system design for Cisco Connected Grid Mesh (CG-Mesh) Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) with the Cisco Industrial Operations Kit (IOK).
Utilities Distribution Automation Enhance monitoring, control, automation, and management of the medium-voltage (MV) and low-voltage (LV) grids, from the distribution substation to the meters.
Utilities Substation Automation and Utility WAN Solutions that comply with industry standards such as IEC 61850 and IEEE 1613, providing a reliable and secure communications network.
Utilities Substation Automation Local Area Network and Security This CVD version 2.3.2 is an update that describes developments to the Cisco validated substation automation solution architectures. The purpose of the solution release associated with this document was to further enhance the electrical utility substation automation design and implementation experience and to identify recently-added hardware and software capabilities on the Cisco Industrial Ethernet (IE) switching product line.
Utilities Substation Security Meet the challenging and evolving needs of grid operators and their control systems, while meeting regulatory compliance mandates such as NERC CIP in North America.
Utilities Virtual RTU The Virtual Remote Terminal Unit (Remote RTU) is an application on the Cisco IR809 Router, which can be deployed as a secondary substation router in the Europe region or as a distribution automation gateway in the North America region.

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