Private Cloud

True Success in the Cloud

Savvis Symphony Virtual Private Data Center creates enterprise-class, multi-tenant cloud. (4:20 min)

True Success in the Cloud
True Success in the Cloud

True Success in the Cloud

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Building a Cloud-Ready Network

Learn about the importance of a cloud-ready network and the Cisco approach.

Private clouds offer an ideal way to solve some of your organization's biggest business and technology challenges. A private cloud can deliver IT as a service. This helps reduce costs, raise efficiency, and introduce innovative new business models to make your enterprise more agile and efficient while simplifying its operations and infrastructure.

Cisco offers you an integrated foundation for your private cloud. This foundation comprises:

  • A next-generation infrastructure that flexibly allocates shared resources-within a data center and across data centers
  • A Cisco Intelligent Network that provides a consistent and highly secure user experience, wherever the user may be
  • Self-service provisioning and orchestration software to increase speed, user satisfaction, and operational efficiency in cloud computing and data center automation

In addition, Cisco provides:

  • A broad selection of solutions and applications that are designed to take full advantage of the private cloud foundation
  • A global network of leading partners to accelerate deployment including turnkey fully-managed and self-managed OpenStack-based offerings

To deliver the full benefits of a private cloud, Cisco integrates unified data center architecture with intelligent, cloud-ready networks. This powerful combination helps to simplify IT operations, tighten security, increase business agility, improve data center economics, and enable consistent cloud experiences for users.

Cisco Unified Data Center

This complete, highly efficient data center infrastructure  integrates computing, network, security, and management. It delivers outstanding performance and agility for the business while simplifying operations and lowering costs for IT.

Cisco Unified Data Center comprises three elements:

This holistic approach unifies and dynamically optimizes computing, storage, and network resources, allowing them to be securely and rapidly repurposed and managed on demand.

Cisco Intelligent Networking for Private Clouds

Cisco combines the Unified Data Center with its intelligent, cloud-ready network to enable both elements to work as one and allow you to connect clouds. The result is an available, highly secure, and optimized infrastructure that delivers exceptional cloud experience for the user.

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Integrated Systems

Speed implementation of your private cloud by using prevalidated, presized, and integrated resources that combine Cisco Unified Data Center and networking solutions with a range of industry-leading storage, virtualization, and management components from partners such as VCE and NetApp.

  • FlexPod is a prevalidated, shared infrastructure solution comprising virtualization solutions from VMware, Cisco, and NetApp
  • VCE Vblock solutions integrate Cisco, EMC, and VMware technology to allow rapid deployment of cloud-based infrastructure

Pretested Cloud Applications and Services

Quickly deploy applications and services that take advantage of your private cloud architecture. Cisco offers a range of options to help, including:

Cloud Enablement Services

To accelerate successful deployment of your private cloud, select from a broad portfolio of Cisco cloud enablement services specifically designed to maximize the benefits of Cisco's cloud infrastructure. These services are available from Cisco and our ecosystem and reseller partners:

  • Cloud-Ready Networks
    Boost performance, agility, and connectivity within data centers, between data centers, and beyond with a unique cloud-ready architecture.
  • Cloud Management
    Cisco cloud management solutions allow organizations to automate provisioning and management of compute, storage, networks, and software.

Cloud computing is ultimately about delivering new business flexibility, agility, and innovations through new uses of technology. Cisco is uniquely positioned to deliver those advantages to enterprises through these features:

  • Cost-efficient integrated computing stacks
  • Unified architecture
  • Intelligent network
  • Advanced services
  • Broad partner ecosystem

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