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Multicloud management made easier

Cisco CloudCenter Suite simplifies multicloud management with a single suite of integrated modules for cloud management, cost optimization, and ecosystem extensibility. Securely design, deploy, and optimize infrastructure and applications across multiple clouds to meet your cost and compliance objectives.

Lab session: Introduction to the (NEW) Cisco CloudCenter Suite

In this Cisco Live lab on June 13, participants will install CloudCenter Suite and get an intro to the three modules that comprise the platform: Workload Manager, Action Orchestrator, and Cost Optimizer. Participants will learn how the modules work together as they deploy fully-integrated application services.

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Benefits of using Cisco CloudCenter Suite

Centralized management

IT Ops, DevOps and Development get a single self-service portal to model, deploy, and manage applications. Administrators get visibility and governance of applications, clouds, and users.

Maximized investment

Utilize added functionality from new modules leveraging Cisco's investments in multicloud, cloud-native capabilities, and out-of-the-box integrations, including Cisco ACI, ServiceNow, and Single Sign-On.

Increased control

Apply IT policies and controls to consistently guide user decisions and achieve reliable, repeatable results that help reduce risk and improve security.

End-to-end management

Manage the lifecycle of existing (VMs, bare metal) and new (containers) infrastructure and applications, on-premises and in multiple clouds.


Multicloud blueprint

Abstract application profiles from infrastructure to standardize application lifecycle management across all clouds. Use one automation artifact to design, deploy and optimize infrastructure and applications to multiple cloud or on-premises environments.

Multicloud governance

Enable policy-based, self-service deployment of infrastructure and applications, on-premises and in public clouds. Create governance policies that are aligned with your objectives and provide centralized visibility and control.

Cost optimization

Comprehensive cost reporting and visibility of workloads, network, storage, and/or enhanced services across public and private cloud infrastructures. Enterprises can significantly reduce their cloud spend through optimization recommendations, for example, instance rightsizing, reserved instance recommendations, and suspension policies.

DevOps integration

Simplify business processes and reduce human error by automating workflows and repetitive tasks to achieve technical integrations and/or business processes. Efficiently manage artifact flow of the deployment pipeline for applications during development, testing, and production lifecycle stages using project dashboards and native integrations with CI/CD tools.

Ecosystem extensibility

Simplified orchestration and workflow automation provide seamless integration within the suite and externally through a broad set of adapters and standardized interfaces.

Deployment Options

CloudCenter Suite Self-hosted

  • Full control over environment change management
  • Full access to logging and user administration
  • Ability to white-label and provide a branded experience (not available for SaaS)

CloudCenter Suite SaaS

  • Same core functionality as self-hosted option, except Cisco runs it for you
  • Large number of content and pre-built integrations out-of-the-box
  • Upgrades handled by Cisco, CATO certified

The podcast with all the answers

When you change a product so much that you decide a name change is appropriate as well, you must have a heck of a story to tell. And that's exactly what Jeremy Oakey does in this episode of Cloud Unfiltered.

Cisco Quick Start Services for Cisco CloudCenter Suite

We help you speed deployment of the Cisco CloudCenter Suite across the three-tiered software bundles. Design, deploy, and optimize your cloud applications quickly and efficiently using Cisco expertise and centralized support.

Cisco customer interested in CloudCenter 4.10?

 As of February 2019, CloudCenter Suite 5.0 is the only available option for new installations. Product support, downloads, and documentation for CloudCenter 4.10 are still available.

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