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Cisco DNA Assurance: AI/ML guided IT operations (AIOps) At-a-Glance

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Updated:April 14, 2022

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Updated:April 14, 2022

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Unlock the power of machine learning and increase performance and reliability with AI/ML guided IT operations (AIOps)

The increase in the number of devices connected to your network and the Internet of Things (IoT) means that your team needs to manage—more efficiently than ever before—a growing, complex network. More clients, whether they are wired or wireless, more bandwidth-demanding applications, and more services depend on reliable, consistent, and secure network systems. But IT budgets haven’t grown in parallel. So how do you do more with less, and how do you find the time for the new IT projects that are key to your company’s core business?

Cisco DNA Assurance with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning solves these challenges by eliminating manual troubleshooting operations and reducing the time spent resolving service issues. Cisco DNA Assurance turns your network devices into sensors, and then uses AI and machine learning to make sense out of all this data. The clean and simple dashboard shows overall status and flags issues. Guided remediation then automates the process of issue resolution and performance enhancement to keep user experience at its optimal performance with less mundane troubleshooting work. With Cisco DNA Assurance, your staff can grow your network and still have time to take on the new IT projects that set your company apart from your competitors.


     Increases visibility: View a complete network status at a glance, on a single screen

     Saves time: Noise and false positives are reduced while accurately identifying issues that have the greatest impact on your network

     Reduces work: AI-driven technologies can proactively find the cause of your biggest network issues quickly

     Speeds troubleshooting: Machine-reasoning algorithms automate remediation options for fast issue resolution

     Helps you excel: Spend less time working on the network while at the same time increasing its performance

How Cisco DNA Assurance works

Cisco DNA Assurance resides within Cisco DNA Center, where it collects streaming telemetry from endpoints, devices, users, and applications across every part of your network. It then uses Cisco AI Network Analytics to define what levels of performance are required for optimal user experience on your network and derive insights on optimization options. These insights are compared with your network policies in the Automation section of Cisco DNA Center to help ensure that the network operation is aligned with business intent. The results are delivered on uncluttered client and device health dashboards, where you can drill down for more detail on any section: clients, services, applications, wired devices, and wireless devices. Issues that require attention are flagged, and you can click on them for suggested issue remediation. Specialized tabs within the Assurance dashboard help with more complex issues:

     Device 360/client 360: View device or client connectivity from any angle or context. Included are information on topology, throughput, and latency from different times and different applications

     Network time travel: Go back in time and see the cause of a network issue, instead of trying to re-create the issue in a lab

     Application experience: Provide unparalleled visibility and performance control on the applications that are critical to your core business, on a per-user basis. Allow users the performance they need on the applications key to their company role

     Wi-Fi 6 readiness: Visualize the actual status of your wireless network and which users and endpoints are struggling. Locate areas where it makes sense to upgrade your network and where you can wait Cisco DNA Assurance allows you to grow your network with maximum performance and uncompromising reliability without having to grow your IT budget.

Cisco Services

Accelerate your intent-based networking journey with our Cisco services for enterprise networks. Our team can help accelerate your intent-based networking journey while reducing risks as you adopt Cisco DNA Assurance. Cisco service experts will help you speed time to value, allowing you to troubleshoot and monitor your network using Cisco DNA Assurance. We provide a comprehensive lifecycle of advisory, implementation, optimization, managed, technical, and IT training services to help you move to an open, secure, and automated intent-based network with ease and confidence. Our team will help build your in-house expertise with training for your staff and centralized Cisco Solution Support with a primary point of contact from first call to resolution.

Getting started with Cisco DNA Assurance

Cisco DNA Assurance is an included feature within Cisco DNA Center. The assurance capabilities are delivered through three software subscription offers:

     Cisco DNA Advantage, which delivers all assurance and automation functionality

     Cisco DNA Essentials, offering basic monitoring and basic automation, but only limited assurance features

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Learn more

To learn more about Cisco DNA Assurance with Cisco AI Networks Analytics, and how to accelerate your digital transformation, read the Cisco DNA Assurance solution overview and visit https://www.cisco.com/go/assurance.




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