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Case Study: Shawnee Mission School District

Cisco Webex influences digital literacy in K-12

When Shawnee Mission School District implemented collaboration technology in its classrooms, offices and STEM buildings, its faculty, student, and parent engagement increased as never before. Learn how Cisco Webex is at the center of enabling the next generation with real-world, digital learning today.



  • Traditional, centralized IT model with no collaboration capabilities
  • Inefficient meetings tools caused frustrations and delays
  • Staff and students burdened by limited and outdated technology


  • Collaborative platform enables change management program for employees
  • Faculty, students, and parents interact using video - in and out of school times
  • Easy-to-use technology enables real-time learning in classrooms

Technology for the next generation

"We want to provide students the opportunities they need to be the people they want to be. The Webex tools that we use provide them chances to see things that maybe they wouldn’t see otherwise"

Drew Lane, Executive Director of Information & Communications Technologies, Shawnee Mission School District

Who is Shawnee Mission School District?

Industry: Education
Location: Shawnee Mission, Kansas
Size: 3,800 educators, 28,000 students
Website: http://www.smsd.org/