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Case Study: Midco

Improving telecommunications and collaboration at Midco

Midco, a leading provider of high-speed Internet, needed a better way for employees in various locations to connect quickly and efficiently.  Webex provides a seamless experience for video conferencing and messaging. The result is enhanced collaboration and improved productivity, with meeting time cut in half.

Transforming the collaboration experience


  • Siloed video conferencing and many instant messaging platforms hindered connecting and collaboration
  • Meetings times were longer due to difficulty connecting
  • Frustration and confusion about the technology often made users stop using it altogether


  • Greatly improved collaboration among teams in various locations
  • Increased usage of Webex collaboration solutions by 110% in six months
  • Most meetings reduced from 60 minutes to 30 minutes

Cisco Webex is making a difference

Team members are joining meetings and rooms quicker. And, productivity is up with meeting time reduced to 30 minutes because the technology works.

Scott Sylliaasen, Director of IT Operations, Midco

Who Is Midco?

Industry: Telecommunications
Location: United States
Size: 385,000 customers; 1600 employees
Website: www.midco.com