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Case Study: Truebeck Construction

Truebeck Construction Gets More Collaboration--for Less

Since switching to Cisco Webex, Truebeck Construction employees have seen a big change in how easy it is to meet, share information, make decisions, and complete projects. Hear how experience, technology, cost, and relationships were the key factors that drove Truebeck executives to choose Webex. 



  • Disconnect between video and web conferencing
  • Difficult to wirelessly share screen
  • Costs associated with video endpoint registration
  • Lack of reliability or standardized user experience


  • Provided a consistent and simple meeting experience
  • Eliminated hidden costs of room downtime and technology malfunctions
  • Reduced per-user cost of meetings by 37.9%
  • Reduced overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 40%

Construction company transformed its collaboration experience and saved money

We’ve gone from seven Zoom Rooms to 26 Cisco Webex rooms.…Our superintendents, project managers, executives are all talking about how they’re really enjoying the system and how easy and reliable it is to use. And, my support team loves it.

Mike Elmore IT Director, Truebeck Construction

Who is Truebeck Construction?

Industry: Construction

Location: San Mateo, CA 

Size: 450 employees

Website: https://www.truebeck.com/