Case Study: Georgia Department of Public Health

Telemedicine: Keeping doctors and patients connected

Georgia Department of Public Health needed a way to continue critical services without in person visits. They leveraged Webex to provide telehealth and telemedicine services, allowing patients to stay safe at home while maintaining access to needed medical.



  • Surge in requests for telehealth visits
  • Need to quickly onboard and train over 1,000 new tele-intervention service providers
  • Connection supporting HIPAA compliance essential to protect patient privacy

Impressive outcomes

  • One of the most robust telehealth programs in the nation with over 1,000 connected endpoints
  • Hybrid cloud and on-premise model for scalability on a connection supporting HIPAA compliance
  • Over 50 telemedicine services-, including dental, diabetes clinics, and pediatric care

Responding quickly to meet the need

When Covid hit, we onboarded 1,200 providers for tele-intervention services within three months. We leveraged Webex to get those providers onboarded and trained to see patients during Covid. The feedback has been amazing. Our patients are very pleased with the platform.

Suleima Salgado, Director of Telehealth, Georgia Department of Public Health

Who is Georgia DPH Office of Telehealth?

Industry: Healthcare
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Size: Telehealth (video conferencing) connectivity is available in all 159 county health department offices