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Many businesses lack the skills, resources, or time to select and build a private cloud infrastructure, or to do so successfully. In fact, a recent poll taken at the Gartner Data Center Conference showed that 95 percent of respondents identified problems with their private cloud deployments that had to do with failures to transform culture, process, organizations or business models, or the private clouds were focused on delivering the wrong kinds of services*.

The Cisco Quickstart Private Cloud solution is a user-owned and managed self-service infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform that comes preconfigured and ready to go in 30 days. Together with our partners, we set up the platform, perform user testing, and deliver an operations portal with a collection of service templates. The Cisco Quickstart Private Cloud solution includes a prevalidated computing, storage, and network infrastructure that's hybrid cloud ready, expandable, and extensible to meet future business outcomes.


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With Cisco Quickstart Private Cloud, you can:

  • Get a self-service hybrid cloud-ready private-cloud platform that you own and manage that implements Cisco validated cloud infrastructure with Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite
  • Accelerate your organization's journey to cloud with a fast lane to Fast IT, ready for production within 30 days
  • Enjoy a solution built on Cisco FlexPod integrated computing, networking, and storage solution
  • Receive full-stack hardware, software, services, and solution support
  • Enable IT to be a services broker with a validated cloud architecture
  • Obtain operational assessment, recommendations, runbooks, and update support
  • Gain access to a highly customizable cloud solution with multiple add-on services and products that align with your business outcomes

Support for Each Step in Your Journey to the Intercloud

Together with our partners, we are creating a new approach to cloud by connecting private, public, and hybrid clouds into the Intercloud, a globally-connected network of clouds, to drive business value with differentiated solutions. Cisco Quickstart Private Cloud is a turnkey, Intercloud-ready, and private-cloud solution for users who need to deliver cloud services flexibly, quickly, and with self-service capabilities.

Each step in the deployment of Cisco Quickstart Private Cloud is supported by professional services from Cisco and our partners.

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*Gartner, Internal Private Cloud Is Not for Most Mainstream Enterprise, Thomas J. Bittman, 22 May 2015