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Cisco GainStar Amplifiers

Meet the Needs of Complex Broadband Networks

Cisco GainStar Amplifiers help meet the needs of your broadband network while providing superior reliability. They are optimized for both trunk and distribution applications.

Promote Optimal Performance

All Cisco GainStar amplifiers can be configured with forward interstage pads and various equalizers for optimal performance. Reverse transmission is possible from both coaxial outputs, and the common plug-in pads make it easy to adjust gain and tilt. The signal director in the output allows configuration of the output with different levels. Other features include:

  • Flexibility, with a versatile set of features, functions, and performance levels, and fast, simple configuration and setup
  • Durability, with excellent performance and reliability plus rugged outdoor durability
  • Greater reach with fewer actives, with improved distortion performance and high output levels through GaAS FET technology
  • Inventory reduction, with common plug-in attenuators used to adjust gain and equalization
  • Simplified deployment through high performance levels and ease of use

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