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Collaborate with cloud calling

Cisco BroadWorks is a carrier-grade software platform for optimized performance and scale. BroadWorks is hosted by service providers to deploy cloud calling from a common network platform over any type of network architecture.

Cisco BroadWorks features

Standards-based next-generation platform

Deployed at the network core, Cisco BroadWorks provides features through multiple architectures, including Softswitch, Class 5, and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). It provides unmatched interoperability, back office capabilities, redundancy, and scalability.

Open architecture

Cisco BroadWorks operates entirely on open standards, including session initiation protocol (SIP) for interoperability with the broadest array of network, access, and back office equipment.

NEBS-compliant standard hardware

Cisco BroadWorks operates on NEBS-compliant, Sun/Solaris and IBM/Linux hardware. Functionality is distributed across the application, media, network, conferencing, external web, call logging, and call center reporting servers along with an element management system.

Cohesive choice of communication applications

Cisco BroadWorks can support a single instance or a combination of hosted PBX, mobile PBX, IP Centrex, and business trunking applications.

Choice of feature-rich web-based and client apps

BroadWorks supports multiple web-based and client applications that enhance access to feature configuration and user productivity.

What hosted cloud delivery can do for you

Single system for all unified communications

Find the widest range of features from a single, network-based system, including call control, private voice networking, and unified messaging.

Centralized service management

BroadWorks enables centralized management of nationwide and global voice services, offering uniform feature functionality to sites, regardless of location.

Flexible multitiered administration

BroadWorks provides web-based service administration at six distinct levels. The flexible service hierarchy allows reseller support for third-party providers.


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