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Cisco Small Business 110 Series Unmanaged Switches

Easy-to-use switches with zero configuration

Build a fast, reliable network with these entry-level, low-cost, reliable networking solutions that provide plug-and-play connectivity. The 110 Series delivers Fast Ethernet and Gigabit switching with key features like Power over Ethernet (PoE), energy efficiency, traffic prioritization, and network diagnostics for seamless integration into the network.

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110 Series models

Cisco Small Business 110 Series Unmanaged Switches deliver wire-speed Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, in desktop and rack-mount models. Choose the best model for your needs.

Features and benefits

High-performance capabilities

Get powerful Gigabit performance at an affordable price while giving your network a boost of speed and capacity.

Power over Ethernet

A wide range of PoE models provide power to IP phones, access points, and other devices.


A variety of power-saving features, including Energy-Efficient Ethernet, optimize power usage and reduce energy consumption without compromising performance.

Ease of use

Ready to use right out of the box; there is no software to install and nothing to configure.


Solve problems faster, improve operational efficiency, and reduce your risk of downtime.



Small business networking solutions

Operate your network with simple, flexible, and highly secure solutions specifically designed for the small business.