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Cisco Secure Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Start managing your clients' security in minutes

Cisco Secure MSP simplifies SaaS-based security. Your job as an MSP is to manage security for your clients so they can focus on their businesses. We're here to make it simple so you can scale your business.

How it works

Cisco Secure MSP makes it easy to manage your clients’ security. The steps are simple: 1) Register and sign up online. 2) Directly order and buy the products you need. 3) Easily set up direct, monthly payments. Then you are all ready to deploy SaaS security products that protect your customers and to receive streamlined onboarding with 24/7 access to dedicated support.


Cisco Umbrella – DNS Security Essentials

Cisco Umbrella – DNS Security Advantage

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Package features

Protects users on the corporate network via integration with networking devices.
Protects off-network users via integration with Cisco AnyConnect or standalone roaming client.
Blocks domains associated with malware, phishing, botnets, and other threats.
Performs web filtering by domain and domain category.
Discovers and blocks shadow IT based on domains.
Creates policies and views reports by user with Active Directory integration.
Integrates with existing tools and workflows with APIs for enforcement, reporting, management, and deployment.
Integrated with Cisco SecureX to aggregate actively across Cisco products.
Retains logs with Amazon Web Services integration using customer-managed or Cisco-managed S3 buckets.

Selective proxy

Has proxy risky domains for URL and file inspection using antivirus engines and Cisco Secure Endpoint.
Decrypts and inspects SSL (HTTPS) traffic associated with risky domains using selective proxy.

Umbrella Investigate

Accesses Umbrella Investigate's web console for deeper context during investigations.
Uses the Investigate on-demand enrichment API to enrich other tools/systems with domain URL, IP, and file threat intelligence.

Contact the Secure MSP team

Simplifying SaaS security for MSPs

Have questions about how Cisco Secure can help your MSP business and your clients? Our team is ready to answer them — just fill out the form and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Cisco MSP partners can

  • Instantly sign up new customers
  • Buy SaaS security products directly
  • Streamline onboarding and security management

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Key Secure MSP resources

Our demo shows how simple it is to sign up for Cisco Secure MSP Center and easily buy SaaS products.

Watch how the simplified Secure MSP Center allows for signup and customer provisioning in minutes. 

Watch how MSPs looking for a more effective approach that also contributes to revenue growth will benefit from Secure MSP Center.

Cisco Secure MSP blog

Learn how you can simplify software-as-a-service (SaaS) security for MSPs.

Cisco Secure MSP infographic

Explore how the Secure MSP program simplifies the buying experience for your SMB customers.


Support for MSPs (not end users)

For both Essentials and Advantage packages

Umbrella software support service 

Technical support coverage
Response time
Case severity levels 1-2
Case severity levels 3-4

24x7 via phone and web

Within 30 minutes Within 2 hours

Secure MSP center support service



Email msp@cisco.com

Non-technical support coverage
Response time
Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. EST, except U.S. holidays  Within 8 hours

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The following definitions apply to support coverage:

  • Response time means the time between case submission in the case management system and contact by a support engineer. 

  • Severity 1 means DNS Security is unavailable or down or there is a critical impact to a significant impact to the Case Submitter's business operation. Case Submitter and Cisco both will commit full-time resources to resolve the situation. 

  • Severity 2 means DNS Security is degraded or significant aspects of the Case Submitter's business operation are negatively impacted by unacceptable software performance. The Case Submitter and Cisco both will commit full-time resources during Standard Business Hours to resolve the situation. 

  • Severity 3 means DNS Security is impaired, although most business operations remain functional. The Case Submitter and Cisco both are willing to commit resources during Standard Business Hours to resolve the situation. 

  • Severity 4 means minor intermittent functionality or performance issue, or information is required on DNS Security. There is little or no impact to the Case Submitter's business operation. The Case Submitter and Cisco both are willing to provide resources during Standard Business Hours to provide assistance or information as requested.