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Cisco AMP for Endpoints Package Comparison

New packages fit for every business

Cisco's AMP for Endpoints blocks attacks and helps you respond to threats quickly and confidently. Now our new Advantage and Essentials tiers allow you to select the right package that best fits your business's needs.

AMP for Endpoints Essentials

AMP for Endpoints Advantage

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Security features

Next-generation protection
Block known threats automatically using powerful protection engines that stop both fileless and file-based attacks.
Continuous monitoring
Monitor all endpoint activity non-stop, and provide run-time detection and blocking of abnormal activities of a running program on the endpoint.
Dynamic file analysis
Use our built-in, highly secure sandboxing environment to analyze suspect files in detail.
Behavioral monitoring
Monitor file behavior and process activity and automatically generate alerts at the first sign of malicious behavior.
Vulnerability identification
Quickly identify vulnerable software across your environment to help reduce the attack surface.
Endpoint isolation
Stop threats from spreading with one-click isolation of an infected endpoint.
Advanced search
Accelerate threat hunting and investigations by simplifying complex querying of your endpoints.
Threat Grid Cloud
Perform in-depth advanced dynamic file analysis and malware threat intelligence fast.