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Got a question about Cisco Refresh? Find the answers here. Cisco Refresh is a price-competitive and trusted alternative when buying new equipment is not an option. Remanufactured and certified by Cisco, Cisco Refresh products are backed by the same Cisco warranty and service support options as the equivalent new product.


What is Cisco Refresh?

Since 2001, Cisco has sold its high-quality remanufactured products—originally under the name Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment (or CCRE)—and now as Cisco Refresh. From initial inspection and testing to cleaning and packing, only Cisco—the original manufacturer—can truly remanufacture our products to the highest level.

In what countries is Cisco Refresh available?

Cisco Refresh is available in more than 70 countries. Please contact a Cisco Refresh account manager for complete details.

When should I consider Cisco Refresh?

Cisco Refresh products are ideal as a standalone solution. However, the value is even greater when blended into a solution with new Cisco equipment. Cisco Refresh works especially well in the following scenarios:

  • Constrained budget: When budget is limited, Cisco Refresh provides the maximum flexibility in procuring the technology you need. Cisco Refresh products provide a cost-effective solution as individual product needs, or can be combined with new Cisco products in a larger solution to reduce the overall cost and meet even the most challenging procurement requirements.
  • Product availability: We maintain a large inventory of older and end-of-sale models needed to maintain installed network configurations or to optimize IT resources between planned migrations or upgrades. Our inventory of current models provides a solution if new product availability cannot accommodate your delivery requirements.
  • Sustainability considerations: Remanufactured equipment can help companies reduce their environmental footprint. Cisco Refresh creates a second life for equipment, thereby saving the resources required for new manufacturing and reducing waste.

Why the change from refurbished equipment (CCRE) to remanufactured equipment (Cisco Refresh)?

To better align with global industry and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards. Additionally, we want to eliminate any confusion in the marketplace and clarify the high quality of our remanufacturing process. Our products—while being called “refurbished” in the past—are products that are actually remanufactured. That’s why we’re moving across to follow the industry standards as the OEM.

What types of Cisco Refresh products are available?

We carry over 6,500 active (currently on the Global Price List) and end-of-sale products (no longer available new but with at least one year of support available from Cisco Technical Assistance Center [TAC]). Our inventory includes products from all technology areas, including switching, routing, wireless, IP telephony, security, and other advanced technologies.

Where can I learn more about Cisco's remanufacturing process?

Learn more about how we inspect, test, and repair products.


Are Cisco Refresh products reliable?

Yes. Cisco Refresh products have been remanufactured, have had critical engineering change orders made, and have been thoroughly tested and retested to meet stringent Cisco specifications. Our rigorous and proprietary process ensures that our customers get genuine Cisco products, certified by Cisco.


What is an end-of-sale product?

Cisco designates a product as having reached its end of sale (or end of life) when it is no longer being manufactured by Cisco. Although no longer in production, end-of-sale products are still remanufactured by Cisco Refresh and are available for sale. Cisco warranties and Cisco SMARTnet support apply to both current and end-of-sale products. Cisco continues to support and service end-of-sale products until an announced end-of-hardware support date (typically five years after the end of sale).

Do Cisco Refresh products come with a warranty? Can I get support?

All Cisco Refresh units are shipped with a valid software license and come with the same Cisco warranty as the equivalent new equipment, including limited lifetime warranties, where applicable. Also, Cisco Refresh products carry the same Cisco SMARTnet support options as the equivalent new product.


How do I purchase? Where can I get a quote?

Those eligible for direct ordering can now quote and order Cisco Refresh products in Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW), which allows all products (including new and Cisco Refresh) to be ordered. Access training materials and frequently asked questions about quoting and ordering.

Can Cisco Refresh products be financed through Cisco Capital?

Yes. Cisco Capital offers a variety of easy and flexible financing programs enabling customers to lower their total cost of ownership, realize tax savings, simplify operating budgets, and make the most of their capital budgets. Please contact a Cisco account manager or Cisco Capital lease manager for information:

How can I find out what products you carry in inventory and what quantities are available now?

Available Cisco Refresh inventory and associated shipment lead times can now be viewed when quoting and ordering Cisco Refresh in CCW. Cisco Refresh can also be seen in our 1 Click Tool, which is a streamlined web-based user interface providing enhanced visibility to available Cisco Refresh inventory and increased productivity for both Partners and Cisco AMs.


Why does Cisco Capital offer Cisco Refresh to its customers?

Cisco realizes that our customers seek remanufactured Cisco products for a variety of reasons: Whether to meet price parameters, product availability, and/or because of sustainability considerations. In these cases, it is important for us to provide a secure and reliable source for these products, as well as the convenience of a single source for both new and remanufactured Cisco products. By owning the remanufacturing process and partnering with our valued network of authorized distributors and resellers, we can deliver great value to our customers and the end-to-end solution they expect, as well as the reliability and convenience of genuine Cisco products.

How is the Cisco remanufacturing process different from what other used equipment vendors provide?

Cisco Refresh differs from other used equipment vendors in the rigorous and proprietary remanufacturing process applied to our products. All remanufacturing is performed by Cisco authorized contract repair manufacturers using Cisco authorized parts, processes, and standards.

Used or refurbished equipment from third parties, as well as equipment sourced from outside of Cisco authorized channels, faces the following risks:

  • Unknown provenance or ownership history: The unit may be counterfeit, damaged, or missing critical product upgrades. Risks posed include security, safety, and network integrity.
  • Limited support: Support, if any, often consists of hardware replacement. However, with network intelligence increasingly embedded in the software, both hardware and software support are vital to maintain full network performance.
  • Higher total costs: Unknown costs may include inspection and relicensing fees, network outage costs (support, troubleshooting, and parts replacement), and lost revenues due to business downtime.

Why purchase Cisco Refresh instead of used Cisco equipment from a broker or private party?

There are five good reasons:

  • Peace of mind: From sourcing to finished product to post-sales support, Cisco Refresh provides you with the same support and value you expect from new Cisco products.
  • Performance and reliability: Cisco Refresh is remanufactured and tested by trained Cisco remanufacturing technicians in state-of-the-art facilities. All parts and processes employed in the remanufacturing process are certified by Cisco, and all units are backed by the same warranty as the equivalent new Cisco products.
  • Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO): Competitive pricing, no inspection and relicensing fees, and Cisco Capital financing options combine to make Cisco Refresh a logical, safe, and financially prudent investment.
  • Extensive inventory: Cisco carries over 6,500 current and end-of-sale, genuine Cisco Refresh models in inventory. Cisco Refresh (-RF products) are sold only through Cisco authorized resellers.
  • Focus on your business, not your network: Purchasing our high-quality, certified remanufactured products supplied by Cisco provides peace of mind unmatched by other used Cisco equipment options leaving you free to focus on your business, not your network.

1 Click Tool (1CT)

What pricing do I see in 1CT?

In 1CT you will see the pricing for the region you select in the Region Drop Down list:

Pricing is taken from AsiaPac Retail Price List and is shown in USD.

Pricing is taken from Global Australia Price List and is shown in AUD.

Pricing taken from Global Canada Price List and is shown in CAD.

Pricing is taken from Wholesale China Price List and is shown in USD.

Pricing is taken from US Base Price List and is shown in USD.

Europe non EEC:
Pricing taken from US Base Price List and is shown in USD.

Pricing taken from Nihon Price List. Note that you can view in USD or JPY.

Pricing is taken from Global Price List Russia and is shown in USD.

Pricing is taken from US Base Price List and is shown in USD.

What discount do I see in 1CT?

In 1CT you need to enter your standard discount and this will be applied to the Cisco New Product and -RF products in your BOM.

What countries are in the region populated in 1CT?

The countries are listed in the information box which shows when the region is selected.

Can I reserve –RF in the Blended BOM in 1CT?

1CT is a pre-sales tool and its major functionality is to allow you visibility to our inventory, pricing, savings, and provide you a BOM containing –RF parts. Therefore, to reserve inventory, you need to create a quote and request a reservation in CCW.

Why did I see product available in 1CT but when I place the order it is not available?

The availability of the inventory is subject to the time the order is placed in CCW.

What if I need to see pricing for another region and it is not shown in the drop-down list?

Please open a case by clicking on the Technical Support link and request the region you need.

How do I change the –RF discount to see the impact on my BOM?

To change the –RF discount in 1CT, scroll to the "TARGET SAVINGS AND DISCOUNT ESTIMATION" section and enter the discount in the Required –RF discount field. When you click apply, this discount will be reflected in the Summary Table BOM for 3–7 days and for 3 to 30+ days.

How is my region selected?

The region you get access to is taken from your Home Country in your profile information captured when you click on the link to 1CT.

What is the process after I create the Blended BOM?

At this point, you can upload the BOM to CCW to create an order. Click on the CCW BOM Link to open the uploadable Excel file. Then navigate to CCW to upload the file and create the order.

Need a little guidance?

Our dedicated sales team supports our Channel Partners and end customers, providing a Cisco Refresh alternative to unauthorized used products and non-Cisco solutions.

Disclaimer: Cisco Refresh (Cisco Certified Remanufactured Equipment) is available in more than 70 countries. Please contact the Cisco Refresh team directly for complete details.