Not just refurbished – but Cisco Certified Remanufactured.

Cisco employs comprehensive and proprietary remanufacturing processes. As the original manufacturer, we can truly remanufacture our products—including collaboration, routing, switching, wireless, and mobility products—to the same quality standards you would expect from a like-new product.

Peace of mind with Cisco Refresh

Affordable and Certified Remanufactured Cisco Equipment

Our products are deployed in high-availability environments across all vertical sectors—from service providers to financial services. Our customers and partners can purchase with peace of mind knowing that they are buying genuine Cisco Certified Remanufactured equipment. This peace of mind is earned through Cisco’s ISO 9001/14001 certified, comprehensive, and proprietary remanufacturing process and is backed by the same Cisco warranty and support options as equivalent new equipment.

Cisco has a purpose to power an inclusive future for all, including helping ensure a sustainable and regenerative future for our planet. The Cisco Refresh (Certified Remanufactured) program supports our purpose and helps you do the same. With Cisco Refresh, you can get the quality products you expect from us and reduce your environmental footprint.

Remanufacturing process

Trusted supply

All equipment comes from Cisco supply sources and is screened to ensure that it is not counterfeit and can be remanufactured. Every piece of equipment has a verified and tracked product service history.

The most experience in the industry

Since 2001, Cisco has remanufactured millions of units in seven world-class facilities. Over 66,000 customers in more than 130 countries worldwide have deployed Cisco Refresh products.

Rigorous remanufacturing process

Cisco Refresh equipment is remanufactured with genuine Cisco parts in a controlled manufacturing environment, using environmentally responsible processes and materials. Critical firmware and hardware upgrades are applied, helping to ensure maximum in-network performance. Cisco Refresh products come with a valid Cisco IOS software license. Equipment is cleaned and reconditioned in an electrostatic discharge (ESD) controlled environment.

Comprehensive testing and regulatory certifications

A comprehensive set of diagnostic, functional, and network traffic system tests are performed. Burn-in and/or thermal cycling tests are performed to help ensure quality. All certified equipment receives regulatory and safety certifications for FCC, UL, CSA, CE.

Cisco certified

Quality assurance inspections are performed to confirm compliance with Cisco Acceptance Quality Level Standards. Random, out-of-box audits are performed periodically to confirm that quality standards are met.

Peace of mind

Only equipment passing Cisco’s rigorous remanufacturing process can be called Cisco Refresh and carry the same warranty and support options as equivalent new equipment.

ISO 9001/14001 certified processes

  • Inspection: Each unit is subjected to a thorough screening and physical inspection at every step of the process.
  • Upgrades: The serial number of each unit is checked against the Cisco database to determine if critical Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) apply. Critical software and hardware upgrades are performed in compliance with ECOs.
  • Restoration of default configuration: Any previous configuration and customer data is removed, and the unit is returned to its default settings. Previous owner information recorded on Cisco databases is also erased.
  • Testing: To help ensure quality, a comprehensive set of diagnostic, functional, network traffic, and system tests are performed. Burn-in and/or thermal cycling tests are performed, as applicable.
  • Repair: Units failing any inspection and testing are repaired to Cisco factory specifications, with the faulty components and boards replaced as applicable. The units are then subjected again to functional status, and network traffic system, burn-in, and thermal cycling tests are performed as applicable.
  • Software: A licensed copy of Cisco IOS software is installed to help ensure maximum performance and network compatibility.
  • Cleaning: Each unit is cleaned and detailed. Old labels are removed and new labels are applied. New fasteners and panels are installed as appropriate. Casings are cleaned, touched up, or repainted as applicable. 
  • Packaging: Units are carefully wrapped, placed in a new protective shipping box, and sealed in preparation for delivery.

Product snapshot

CCW Acronym -RF
Support Cisco Refresh products carry the same Cisco SMARTnet support options as the equivalent new product. To learn more, visit Cisco's SMARTnet Service page.
Warranty Cisco Refresh products carry the exact same warranty terms as their new product counterparts and are covered for a minimum of 90 days. Some products have longer coverage periods. To learn more, visit Cisco's Product Warranty page.
Pricing Significant savings off Cisco equivalent new Global Price List (GPL).

Product has engineering changes incorporated to correct any known deficiencies such as:

  • Compliance, safety, or fire hazard
  • Operational or design defects that can cause adverse customer impact
  • Lack of conformity to product's technical specifications
Software Valid licensing from Cisco. To learn more, visit Cisco's End User License Agreement page.
Appearance May have very minor cosmetic defects on visible surfaces and/or minimal imperfections on base and back.
Packaging Packaged to the same quality standards as new products, using foam-protected packaging and anti-static wrapping.
Shipping / Lead Times Our product lead times are 3 or 7 days.

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Need a little guidance?

Our dedicated sales team supports our Channel Partners and end customers, providing a Cisco Refresh alternative to unauthorized used products and non-Cisco solutions.

Disclaimer: Cisco Refresh (Cisco Certified Remanufactured Equipment) is available in more than 70 countries. Please contact the Cisco Refresh team directly for complete details.