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Cisco FDDI Interface Processors

Fiber Distributed Data Interface

The FIP provides one high-speed (100-Mbps) FDDI port. FDDI is defined by four separate specifications:

  • Media Access Control (MAC)---Defines how the medium is accessed, including frame format, token handling, addressing, algorithm for calculating a cyclic redundancy check value, and error recovery mechanisms.
  • Physical Layer Protocol (PHY)---Defines data encoding/decoding procedures, clocking requirements, framing, and other functions.
  • Physical Layer Medium (PMD)---Defines the characteristics of the transmission medium, including the fiber-optic link, power levels, bit error rates, optical components, and connectors.
  • Station Management (SMT)---Defines the FDDI station configuration, ring configuration, and ring control features, including station insertion and removal, initialization, fault isolation and recovery, scheduling, and collection of statistics.

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