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Cisco Dual-Port RJ-48 Multiflex Trunk-E1 Framed/Unframed Voice/WIC

This module supports voice, data, and integrated voice/data applications. For data applications, the VWIC provides a two-port WIC for E1/FE1 or unframed G.703 with an integrated DSU. For a packet voice solution, the VWIC provides a two-port voice interface card (VIC) with integrated DSU, that combines with the digital T1/E1 packet voice trunk modules. For multiplexed voice and data applications, this module provides a two-port VWIC E1/FE1 drop and insert multiplexer.

Modular Router Solutions

  • Serial and Legacy Concentration
  • Voice and Fax Integration

Supported Platforms and Minimum Cisco IOS Versions

  • 3700 Series - 12.2(8)T
  • 3660 Series ­ 12.1(1)T
  • 3640 ­ 12.1(1)T
  • 3620 ­ 12.1(1)T
  • 2691 ­ 12.2(8)T1
  • 2600XM Series ­ 12.2(12)
  • mainline, 12.2(8)T1
  • 2650 Series ­ 12.1(3)T
  • 2620 Series ­ 12.1(1)T
  • 2610 Series ­ 12.1(1)T
  • 1760 ­ 12.2(4)YB (Sixth release of 12.2T)
  • 1751 ­ 12.2(4)YB (Sixth release of 12.2T)
  • 1721 ­ 12.2(8)YJ (Sixth release of 12.2T)

When used in a Cisco 3600 Series Router, requires one of the following network modules: NM-2W, NM- 1FE2W, NM-2FE2W, NM-1FE1R2W or NM-HDV.
Minimum Cisco IOS version may vary depending on application.


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