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Updated:November 13, 2020

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Updated:November 13, 2020

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Proven in demanding


      Improve customer experience by delivering services up to 90% more quickly

      Simplify operations to reduce costs and improve agility

      Gain flexibility with multivendor support and a rich set of software interfaces

      Scale globally with scale- out architecture

      Build trust with integrated auditing and compliance capabilities

The bridge between intent and action

Regardless of how expansive your automation and orchestration strategy or advanced your tool chain, success depends on the ability to link high-level intent to changes in you physical and virtual infrastructure. Any weakness in the speed, dependability, and capabilities of this connection undermine your entire strategy.

Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) provides a robust and sophisticated bridge between automation and orchestration frameworks, such as business process workflow, OSS/BSS, and DevOps tooling and the underlying physical and virtual infrastructure. A rich set of northbound software interfaces and APIs allow NSO to easily integrate with any number of northbound tools and systems. An extensible southbound architecture means NSO works across different vendors and multiple domains.

NSO frees application and service owners to focus on improving customer experience instead of worrying about infrastructure deployment details. At the same time, operations teams can focus on optimizing their infrastructure without having to worry about breaking the application and service environments that depend on them.

Cisco NSO has been shaped by nearly a decade of helping large, complex tier-1 service provider and enterprise environments automate everything from simple device turn-up, to cross-domain automation, to sophisticated full lifecycle service management. The real world success of NSO stems from a series of unique capabilities:

      A rich and diverse set of northbound APIs and software interfaces that allow straightforward integration into existing business systems and operational tool chains

      A multivendor device abstraction layer that uses Network Element Drivers (NEDs) to mediate access to both Cisco and more than 150 other- party physical and virtual devices

      Sophisticated integrated tools for maintaining state integrity, troubleshooting, and auditing

      Extensibility through custom development or through prebuilt function packs for uses such as NFVI MANO and Secure Agile Exchange (SAE)

Taken together, these features deliver a fast, dependable, scalable, cross-domain, multivendor automation solution with a rich set of functionalities and unmatched flexibility.

Whether you are looking at simple task automation, building DevOps or other operational tool chains, or developing and deploying applications and services, Cisco can play a critical role in your strategy.

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