Flexible Consumption

Organizations demand greater simplicity and cloud agility

The shift to pay-as-you-consume spending gives organizations more flexibility and cost predictability to manage their IT spend — something that 85 percent of CIOs and IT decision makers agreed is important to their business.
(Source: “2021 CIO and IT Decision Makers
Trends Pulse,” Cisco)
By 2021, 75 percent of enterprises will recognize the benefits of as-a-service consumption, driving a 3x increase in demand for on-premises infrastructure delivered via flexible and as-a-service solutions.
(Source: “IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Future of Digital Infrastructure 2021 Predictions,” IDC)
By 2025, 20 percent of enterprise switches will be procured through an as-a-service
model (that is, hardware as a service),
up from nearly zero in early 2020.
(Source: “2020 Strategic Roadmap for Enterprise Networking,” Gartner)
By 2025, at least 50% of enterprises will shift toward operating expenditure (opex)-based storage consumption models, compared to less than 10% today.
(Source: “Market Guide for Consumption-Based Pricing for Data Center Infrastructure”, 2021, Gartner)
48% of Senior IT professionals would prefer to buy data center infrastructure via consumption-based model based on resources utilization.
(Source: ESG Master Survey Results, 2021 Technology Spending Intentions Survey, December 2020.)

Challenges with traditional infrastructure buying model

Predictable Cost
New Innovation


Management complexity across siloed teams with too many tools that are difficult to integrate into the current operational model.


Inability to scale up resources dynamically and cost-effectively or to decrease capacity when oversubscribed.


Difficult to stay ahead of security issues, quickly address security incidents, and implement the latest features and technology.

Predictable cost

Struggle of managing operating expenditures while improving responsiveness, utilization, and capabilities as infrastructure demands grow.

Adopt new innovation

Upfront investment is required to bring new technology in-house and it restricts organizations from deploying applications dynamically as requirements change.

How can we solve this?

Introducing Cisco+

Cisco+ provides all the benefits of Cisco, now as-a-service. Boost speed, agility and scale with on-demand solutions that intelligently adapt to your business needs.

3 Pillars

Pillers Pillers


Easy to consume and use,
unified experience with choice,
open and modular



Highly reliable and secure services
that deliver business value with
predictable outcomes



Adapts to customer business,
optimizes use, resolves issues and
protects business

Why Cisco+?

Complete Solution

Complete solutions powered
by world-class hardware, software, and APIs

Cisco delivers industry-leading technologies from Cisco and its technology partners across networking, security, applications, and cloud design to meet your diverse operating environment.

Flexible buying options

Flexible buying options with shared ownership

With Cisco+, you can pay per use with the ability to scale up and down, pay as you grow, or fully reserve capacity depending on your needs for scaling capacity and optimizing costs.

Simple Dashboard

Simple dashboard views on service usage

Cisco makes it easy to track service usage, allowing you to understand business trends and determine future investments. Cisco offers both cloud and managed service implementations, depending on your preference to self-manage or leverage professional services.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for optimizing service

Not only do you pay for what you use, but Cisco artificial intelligence will help tell you the best way to run your service to optimize for performance and minimize cost across on-premises and public cloud infrastructure environments.


Ecosystem choice

Cisco and our Cisco Provider partners bring a large technology ecosystem to allow you to run your operations to the needs of the business.

Why Cisco Plus
Why Cisco Plus
Why Cisco Plus
Why Cisco Plus
Why Cisco Plus