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Cisco PresenterTrack

Give Your Presenters a Stage

PresenterTrack improves visibility for video conference attendees.

    Make It Easier for Presenters to Move Around

    PresenterTrack technology for video conferences detects and tracks presenters as they stand to present, and naturally move about in front of the room -- as if they were on stage. This gives presenters more flexibility and the audience a much better visual experience.

    Before PresenterTrack, presenters standing in the front of the video conference room would have the backs of their heads to audiences at the far end of the video conference. Standing up, a presenter could more easily address the audience in the room, but then could not be seen by the remote audience. For that reason, presenters would avoid standing up in video conferences, even if they wanted to do so.

    Now, with PresenterTrack, presenters no longer have that limitation and can move about more freely.

    Features and Capabilities

    • Activated when the presenter enters the pre-defined area, or "trigger zone"
    • Keeps presenters visible in the video conference and at a high zoom level until they leave the presentation area
    • Uses advanced face detection and advanced image processing software and a Cisco TelePresence Precision 60 Camera in the back or side of the room

    PresenterTrack is supported on all Webex Room systems using the Codec Plus and running Collaboration Endpoint Software version 9.5.0 or later. Support includes the Webex Room 55 Dual, but not the Room 55 single.

    Cisco PresenterTrack

    Give Your Video Conference Room a Stage. (1.33 min)