Partner Specializations

Demonstrate the depth of your expertise

Our architecture, business, and solution specializations give you a path to develop your technical skills and business practices. Get recognized as a Cisco specialized partner and give customers the assurance that you can help them solve today‚Äôs toughest challenges.

Four types of specializations

Business Specializations

Get the right skill set to build and deliver services across your customers' lifecycle and increase revenue opportunities.

Architecture Specializations

Specialize to expand your business and become an expert in specific technology areas.

Solution Specializations

Get recognized for the solutions you already offer, and maximize the value of your Cisco investment.

Cisco Powered Services Specializations

Showcase your managed service expertise with Cisco Powered Services.

How do individual career and specialist certifications relate to partner specializations and partner role levels?

Looking for training?

To find training for a specific specialization, go to the page for that specialization and view the requirements document.

For training in general, see the Cisco Training page.

Looking for talent?

Find top-notch, Cisco focused job candidates in Talent Bridge, a free sourcing and recruiting service for Cisco partners.

Get started with Talent Bridge Matching Engine.

How to get and keep a specialization

Review the requirements to see that you qualify. Apply and agree to the terms and conditions. After achieving approval, ensure that you maintain the requirements. Renew your specialization annually. (Partner admin must apply and renew).

View program notifications and stay up to date

Filterable and searchable notifications keep you updated on the latest program changes and retirements, exam and audit updates, and process improvements.