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Empower customers around the world

Does your business span multiple countries or large parts of the globe? Do you hold Gold and Premier certifications in multiple countries? Multinational and Global Gold certifications recognize your expertise at helping customers become digital pros. These certifications expand the reach of your Gold discount.

Show customers you’re an international expert

Let customers know that you have expertise across one or more Cisco geographic territories with a Multinational or Global Gold certification.

Multinational Certification

Expand your reach in a given Cisco geographic territory with a Multinational certification. Help customers transform to hybrid IT and put cutting-edge cloud services in place. Profitably grow your professional services business. Strengthen your ability to provide solutions that deliver business outcomes. Become eligible to get higher discounts in areas in which you qualify as a Multinational partner.

Global Gold Certification

You’ve proven you have the knowledge and expertise to help customers regardless of their geographic location. 

This certification enables you to:

  • Sell as a Gold partner and receive Gold level benefits and incentives levels at every registered location 
  • Be recognized as Global Gold in the Partner Locator
  • If qualified, order Partner Self Service globally with fewer restrictions and higher compensation
  • Place your expert resources anywhere in each of the Cisco-defined geographic territories
  • Enjoy the ease of business of one audit per region every three years
  • Participate in deal registration at all registered locations

Global Gold partners:


Global Certification

With the introduction of the Global Gold certification, this Global Certification is being retired. Existing Global certifications will be valid until August 2018. 

Apply for or renew a certification

Boost your expertise and open up more opportunities by applying for a certification.

If you already have a certification, make sure you continue to get benefits. Renew now.