Not for Resale (NFR)

Why use NFR for demo labs and office use?

Partners who use NFR strategically give their engineers and technical sales teams an edge to inspire customers with business outcomes, close more deals, and deliver with confidence.

The result. Quarter after quarter, partners who purchase and use NFR hardware and software are growing faster than those that don’t.

NFR Collaboration SaaS Track

Exclusive benefits for partners with Collaboration Specializations (not required for non-transacting partners) and Distributors

  1. Additional purchase limits for Collaboration software PIDS through NFR
  2. Simplified experience when deploying Collaboration Cloud and On-premise subscriptions for internal usage.
  3. Contains both Cisco Collaboration Flex 2.0 and 3.0 subscription solutions.
  4. Reminder: Standard NFR and Collab SaaS track purchasing limits are separate and specific to each incentive.

You may already be enrolled in NFR

Integrators and Providers

Once you signed the CPIA you are automatically enrolled in the Standard Level of NFR. 

Developers, Advisors, and Distributors

Enroll through PPE