Product Recycling

Our commitment to lifecycle management

Responsibly recycling end-of-life products

Extending product lifecycle is a Cisco priority. We follow circular economy principles to reuse, remanufacture, and refurbish what we can. But when products reach their end-of-life, the Product Recycling program steps in with certified contracted recyclers.

Our programs

Helping customers and partners

Cisco's recycling program, recently rebranded as Customer Recycling Solutions (CRS), enables customers to return end-of-life equipment to Cisco at no cost. The CRS program also enables easy returns for partners who are not using the Takeback Incentive or the Exceptional Pick Up Program (EPUP).

Supporting our partners

The Global Scrap Program assists Cisco contracted repair manufacturers, distribution depots, demo loan returns, and distributor stock rotations with effective and environmentally responsible global recycling and collection processes.

Enabling our employees

The Cisco eBin/Lab Scrap Program gathers test equipment, lab materials, and orphaned or unused office equipment to be responsibly recycled.

Cisco circular advantage

We seek to drive circularity throughout the life cycle of our hardware products. This commitment starts at the very top. Our CEO, Chuck Robbins, committed to 100 percent product return at the World Economic Forum.

Product recycling resources

CRS request process

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