Cisco Exceptional Pick-up Program

NOTE: A Cisco Deal ID is now required to submit a request using the Exceptional Pick-up Program.

The Cisco Exceptional Pick-up Program (the "Program") facilitates the return of product for situations not eligible through the Cisco Technology Migration Program (TMP). It offers a solution for returns which have been approved as part of a Cisco specific deal. All other returns (not falling within the TMP or EPU programs) can be dealt with by Cisco Customer Recycling Solutions. Cisco offers both programs ("EPUP" and "Take-back") to our customers and authorized resellers to facilitate convenient and environmentally sound disposal of unneeded Cisco products.

The Program will entail a pick up of Cisco product from customers/authorized resellers that want the product taken out of their location with the understanding that they will not receive trade-in credit for the product. RMAs will be set up as "RMA - $0 Trade-In" type so that the customer/reseller can use Cisco's Product Online Web Returns (POWR) tool for free pick up. Pick-up of any non-Cisco networking equipment is at Cisco's discretion and requires advance notice from the customer/reseller. Please note that if your request includes non-Cisco equipment, the processing time can take up to 5 business days.

The Program can be cancelled or its terms changed at any time with or without prior notice. Any new or revised terms will apply from the date of issuance or any later effective date specified therein.

The Program is separate from the Cisco Technology Migration Program (CTMP), Trade-in Accelerator Program (TAP), and Foundation Advantage (FA) program, and no credit or rebates will be given towards these programs.

General Information/How the program works

It is the customer's/reseller's responsibility to have the product packaged properly prior to pickup, and, where possible, staged on a loading dock or other loading facility. The packaging must adhere to the guidelines located here: Packaging Instructions. Cisco's carrier reserves the right to refuse pickup if shipments are not packaged properly. Please note that Cisco does not provide boxes or any packaging material for the shipment of returns.

The partner/reseller transfers title, free and clear, of all product shipped to Cisco under the Program at the point of receipt by Cisco in its product returns center. The partner/reseller is responsible for removing all personal, proprietary or confidential data and information from products covered by the Program. Partner/reseller is liable for any claims or damages arising out of its failure to remove any third party data or information from the products.

The Program should not be used to process a trade-in return for any partner or customer incentive program. No rebate or credit will be provided for returns received through the Program.

All RMAs created for the Program will be zero dollar trade-in RMA type. This will ensure 1) that a Cisco RMA number is created for the goods that are to come back to Cisco; 2) that the pick-up and transport of products can be tracked; and 3) that the partner/reseller can utilize the Product Online Web Returns (POWR) tool for free pick up.

Cisco reserves the right to reject any shipment that does not conform to the description provided to us. Customer's/reseller's use of this service will be subject to customer's/reseller's compliance with the terms of the Program.


  1. Please fill out the pickup request form located here: Online Form
  2. Partner/customer must list all quantities of all components that they would like picked up. Please note that all internal components of chassis must be listed on the request form as well.
  3. Submit the form from the webpage.
  4. Allow 2 business days for the RMA number to be generated and notification to be sent out. Please note that if your request includes non-Cisco equipment, the processing time can take up to 5 business days.
  5. When the RMA number is created you will be notified via e-mail.
  6. Utilize the POWR tool to schedule a pick-up: POWR Tool
  7. Follow the packaging guidelines at: Packaging Instructions

Please direct any questions or comments concerning this Program to the following email address: