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Supplier Sustainability

Scoring Suppliers on Sustainability

Scorecards help monitor performance and promote collaboration with our partners.

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Developing Sustainable Partnerships

Information and communications technology can both improve living standards and reduce resource waste, including energy. Cisco continues to develop our understanding of the impact on the environment from our operations, or supply chain, and our products. This allows us to reduce negative externalities to create opportunities for greater efficiencies.

The vision of Cisco Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is to build sustainability into each business function and process. We use the power of the network to multiply the impact of our technologies across our customer base, as well as to our suppliers and business partners.

Supplier Sustainability

Supply Chain Sustainability

Cisco relies on more than 600 suppliers worldwide to manufacture, test, ship, and recycle the products we design. We expect the same high standards from our suppliers-and their suppliers-that we practice every day with regard to ethics, labor practices, health and safety, and the environment.

Product Sustainability

Cisco defines a sustainable product as one that minimizes its impact on the environment at each phase of its life cycle. Cisco strives to incorporate eco-design concepts into our products whenever and wherever possible.

Information for Suppliers

Click below for Cisco's full Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Environmental Sustainability section of the CSR Report

Access specific content from the Environmental Sustainability section of the CSR Report below

Training Content

Reporting to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Sustainability Reporting and GRI

Health and Safety