New Supplier Requirements for Russia

Due Diligence Documentation

All of the Due Diligence documentation MUST be provided as hard copies to your Cisco representative or sponsor. These documents must be bound together, numbered, and authenticated with your CEO's signature and the company seal. Cisco reserves the right to refuse to sign a contract with your company or to exclude your company from our supplier list for any reason, including, but not limited to, your failure to provide any of the required documents.

The following requirements apply to Russian suppliers only. Any foreign suppliers wishing to work with Cisco Russia must adhere to the requirements listed on the Invited Supplier Guidelines & Information.

Visit the Cisco Standard Terms and Conditions for Purchase Orders page for details on certifications for Russia (supplier warranties).

For all new supplier requests, Cisco requires a hard copy of these documents:

  • A certification of registration from the legal entity
  • A certification of the company's tax inspection registration
  • The minutes of the meeting which resulted in the executive officer's appointment
  • The confirmation document from the founder's meeting confirming the company's founding
  • The resolution of CEO appointment (alternatively, you may provide either a copy of the first two pages of the internal passport or a copy of the bank signatory card endorsed by the bank)

If the annual spend is greater than or expected to be greater than 200K rubles, in addition to the preceding list of documents, a copy of the following is also required:

  • The founding documents of the legal entity including all amendments and addendums
  • An extract from the legal entity's list (not older than 30 days)

If the annual spend is greater than or expected to be greater than 8 million rubles, in addition to the preceding, a copy of these documents is also required:

  • The accounting balance sheet for the most recent reporting period, with all attachments endorsed by the tax inspection;
  • The certificate from the tax inspection (form approved by Order of Russian Federation State Tax Administration, not older than 30 days)

If you are an individual entrepreneur (IE), the requirements stated above do not apply. Your application needs to be supported by a copy of the following:

  • The certificate of registration of the IE
  • The certificate of the IE's tax inspection registration

In addition to the preceding, and where applicable, you must also submit:

  • A power of attorney (in the event the contract or any part of it was not signed by the CEO)
  • The decision granting approval to the "Big Deal" (alternatively, official confirmation that the deal does not fall under this category), in the event the contract subject is not the core reason for business
  • A business license (if required according to Russian Legislation for the line of business)
  • Tax inspection confirmation regarding simplified taxation for the legal entity
  • Copy of recently submitted tax returns (VAT, CIT)