Becoming a Cisco Supplier

Read the information contained on this webpage, complete the Global Supplier Enrollment Package (GSEP) and forward the GSEP to your Cisco representative or sponsor. Your Cisco representative or sponsor is responsible for reviewing the GSEP, engaging Global Procurement Services, and attaching the GSEP to a Cisco internal purchase requisition. If you have any questions, contact your Cisco representative before you return the completed GSEP. Visit the Cisco Standard Terms and Conditions for Purchase Orders page for details on certifications (supplier warranties).

Note: It is preferred that all Cisco suppliers be registered with Dun and Bradstreet (D&B). If you currently are not registered with D&B, go to the D&B website and register to receive your 9-digit registration number. This number should then be included on your GSEP.

If a D&B number is not provided in the GSEP, you are required to provide additional documentation in the form of one of the following documents. Make sure that the company name and address stated on the GSEP match those on the supporting documentation provided:

  • Business license
  • Legal registration form (from the country's government company registration authorities)
  • Registration form from the Chamber of Commerce
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Official tax document
  • Active contract between supplier and Cisco
  • Financial statement (Japan only)
  • Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) Certification (South Africa Only)
  • Approval letter from an accounting firm of BEE Certification (South Africa only)

The GSEP is available in the following languages: PDF Icon

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To expedite your request, Cisco advises you to complete your GSEP in English.

Make sure that you select the proper tax form for the Cisco entity with which you will do business, if applicable, and submit the tax form with your completed GSEP to your Cisco representative. For comprehensive details on this issue, see the Tax Requirements page.


The GSEP document is intended for new suppliers who have been invited by Cisco to become a Cisco supplier, as well as for existing suppliers who wish to update their information. The information provided as part of the GSEP will be entered into the Cisco supplier database.


  • Cisco will not accept unsolicited GSEP forms.
  • Cisco will not accept incomplete GSEP forms. All required pages must be completed, including signatures; for fields that are not applicable, type "N/A" or "Not Applicable."
  • Cisco will not accept GSEP sent in editable format.
  • Cisco strongly prefers that the GSEP be typed and not handwritten.
  • Cisco prefers the use of an email alias (managed group email address) for the recipients of the Purchase Orders (POs), which will facilitate the delivery/transmission of POs.
  • For any changes to the data on the GSEP, please inform your Cisco contact to update our records to avoid any disruption to business.


The GSEP is a writable and savable PDF. Upon completion of the GSEP, print, sign, scan, and send by email (or fax) the completed GSEP to your Cisco representative or sponsor. If you use digital signature, please, make sure that 'lock document after signing' option is chosen. If you have questions, contact your Cisco representative or sponsor or see the Solicited Supplier Guidelines.