Supplier Resources for Indirect Procurement

March 18, 2024

Valued Suppliers of Cisco and Splunk,

We are thrilled to share the close of Cisco’s acquisition of Splunk. Together, Cisco and Splunk will offer best-in-class technologies to protect, connect, and advance the missions of organizations and communities all over the world. 

This milestone brings us one step closer to realizing our vision for the future to deliver better results for our customers, shareholders, partners, employees, and you – our valued suppliers. As a next step, our commitment is to ensure a seamless transition.

To get started, you can find some anticipated top of mind questions and answers below. Thank you for your continued and valued business partnerships.

Alexandra Lopez​

SVP and CPO, Cisco

Aaron Smith​

VP, Global Finance and Procurement Operations, Splunk​


What will be the impact of the acquisition on our existing contracts?

We expect existing supplier contracts to remain in force until their respective expiration dates. If business reasons require us to make any changes, we will reach out individually and discuss.

Will there be any changes to terms and conditions (e.g., payment terms)?

While we are evaluating opportunities for synergy across several vectors, there are currently no plans for changes to existing contracts immediately after the acquisition closes. If there are changes in the future, we will communicate them in a timely manner. 

Who will be our point of contact after the acquisition?

Please continue to work with your current point of contact. If there are any changes, we will communicate those to you.

Will the acquisition affect the procurement process?

As we work toward post-acquisition integration, we may look at changes to align the procurement processes, however, we aim to keep disruptions to a minimum. Changes required will be proactively communicated to you, so please keep your contact information up to date. Until notified otherwise, please continue engaging in the procurement processes you are using.

How will the acquisition affect supply and demand?

The acquisition brings together two established leaders with complementary capabilities in AI, security, networking, and observability. This combination will accelerate Cisco's strategy to securely connect everything to make anything possible. We will work closely with our suppliers to manage any changes in supply and demand.

Will there be any changes to procurement specifications or quality standards?

We will make changes to procurement specifications if the business needs justify doing so. We remain committed to always maintaining the highest quality standards.

What opportunities will the acquisition bring for suppliers?

This acquisition brings together two powerful innovation engines and creates one of the largest software companies globally.

Who can I reach out to if I have further questions?

Please continue with your current point of contact until communicated otherwise.

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