Existing Suppliers - Supplier Guidelines - Supplier Guidelines & Information

This section is intended as a resource for suppliers and contains useful information on working with Cisco. If you are currently not working with Cisco, you can get details from the New to Cisco: Become a Cisco Supplier page. If you have specific questions about a purchase order, go to the Purchase Order Information page.

Cisco Indirect Procurement Policy Deployment for Suppliers

To help simplify operations, Global Procurement Services has implemented an Indirect Procurement Policy (IPP) (for non-manufacturing-related buying). This policy governs the full buying process worldwide and includes:

  • Buying
  • Contracting
  • Contingent resource approvals
  • Purchase orders
  • Invoicing
  • Payment

Statement of Work Signature Instructions

No Signatures:

Cisco has determined that, in the countries listed below, Statements of Work (SOWs) will no longer require a signature from either Cisco or the Supplier. This process is deployed to make doing business with Cisco easier, quicker and more efficient by reducing the administrative burden on both parties.

The following countries will no longer require signatures for SOWs:

Australia France Norway United Kingdom
Austria Germany Portugal United States
Belgium Ireland Scotland
Canada Italy Spain
Denmark New Zealand Sweden
Finland Netherlands Switzerland

The agreed Statement of Work will be sent out to the supplier together with the authorized Purchase Order and will present Cisco's offer to buy.

The aforementioned section will not apply to all purchasing transactions in these countries. A signature will be required in the countries above in the following circumstances:

  • Non-PO purchases in a PO exception category. You can find an overview of these categories on Purchase Order Information page
  • Real Estate transactions
  • Leases
  • Hotels and Events

If there are any requirements driving the need for signatures, please make them known to the Cisco individual responsible for accepting the Work or Work Product on behalf of Cisco.


For the countries not mentioned in the list above Cisco does require a signed Statement of Work. The Statement of Work must contain the signature of both the supplier and the Cisco representative. Cisco accepts the following three signature methods:

  • Traditional; paper-based signature process also called a "wet" signature
  • Digital; same as above but a paper document is scanned and becomes a digital softcopy that can be emailed
  • Electronic; software application that replicates the signing process and provides encryption and user authorization (i.e. DocuSign, Fieldglass)

General Invoice Submittal Requirements

For specific country requirements, addresses for submitting invoices, and accounts payable support details, select the theater in which you are billing:

For prompt payment, follow these general invoice submittal requirements:

  • For all services and products that require a purchase order, make sure that the Cisco purchase order number appears on your invoice. If no purchase order is required, the requester must include the complete name, General Ledger code, and department number (provided by the Cisco requester) on the invoice.
  • Clearly state the purchase order number on the invoice. Invoices must not refer to more than one purchase order.
  • Make sure that the invoice matches line items, descriptions, quantities, and prices with the corresponding information on the purchase order. If the information does not match exactly, payment may be delayed.
  • Make sure that the supplier details and supplier name on the invoice are the same as on the purchase order.
  • Do not invoice for items that are not on the purchase order.
  • If taxes and freight are applicable to the purchase, make sure that these items are added on a separate line.
  • Do not invoice Cisco before the material or services are delivered.
  • Refer to Accounts Payable Information on this website for accounts payable contact information and to determine whether hard-copy invoices are required.
  • Consider using electronic funds transfer (EFT) for payment. There are several options for receiving payments and remittance advice notification from Cisco. Cisco, however, encourages its suppliers to use EFT.

Supplier Information Updates

If you are required to update your company information (legal name, address, bank details, purchase order transmittal information, remittance advice address, etc.), you need to:

  • Provide an updated Global Supplier Enrollment Package (GSEP) or an official document printed on your company letterhead that contains all relevant details. This information must be sent as a hard copy, or in an unchangeable format (for example, PDF) sent by email from your company email address.
  • Provide your exact supplier name and a sample purchase order number, as stated on previous purchase orders. If you use multiple billing locations, provide a sample purchase order from each location.
  • Send your email or hard-copy original to one of the following mailers (based on your billing location). Make sure that your address is the same as the address stated on your invoice:
    Asia Pacific (excluding Japan)
    Emerging Markets

Shipping Information

Do not ship quantities greater than what is stated on the purchase order. An authorized change to the original purchase order is required in advance if quantities change.

An itemized packing list must accompany each shipment and must include:

  • Cisco part number (if applicable)
  • Description of the line item
  • Cisco authorized purchase order number
  • Line items that correspond with the line items on the Cisco purchase order.

Shipments to China and India must have a packing slip and an invoice, as required by the receiving departments in those countries.