Cisco Indirect Procurement Policy deployment for suppliers - Supplier Guidelines & Information

Primary IPP Impacts on Suppliers

All entities that make or transact indirect purchases must be in compliance with the IPP. The policy affects all Cisco employees and indirect suppliers who purchase or deliver indirect goods and services for or to Cisco.

Important Actions
If you are doing business with Cisco and have not engaged with Global Procurement Services, under the new policy, Global Procurement Services may intervene to stop a transaction if it is not in compliance.

To be in compliance, you must:

  • Have a valid purchase order - Invoices for indirect purchases must have a valid Global Procurement Services-issued, Cisco-approved purchase order to be paid.
  • Include your purchase order number on invoices. - Invoices for indirect purchases must have a valid GPS-issued, Cisco-approved PO in order to be paid.
  • Use the correct SOW. - You must use the new and correct Statement Of Work template for acquisition of outside services. There is a different template for each of the following: Managed Services, Professional Services, and Managed Projects. You can get the correct SOW from your Cisco client.