Cisco's Bridge Award Winners

The Award recognizes employees who give back to their community.

About the Bridge Awards

The Bridge Awards are presented annually to employees who exemplify our principles and share a passion to make a positive impact on people, society, and our planet. They inspire us, embody our purpose, and show us what it means to "Be the Bridge."

We ask Cisco employees to nominate peers who make a big impact on the global community. 10 winners are selected.

Giving back can change a life. Learn about the organizations that mean the most to our Bridge Award winners.

The Bridge Awards tell stories that make a difference. Learn how these employees are making an impact.

Lucy Guo

Between rural kids and a universe of learning, there's Lucy Guo.

2020 Bridge Awards

Introducing Cisco’s 2020 Bridge Award winners. Each month, we will release a new spotlight  featuring one of the 2020 winners. Be sure to watch for all 10.

Ami Tank

Between Sri Lanka's lost girls and a future full of opportunity, there's Ami Tank.

Lucy Guo

Between rural kids and a universe of learning, there's Lucy Guo.

Roy Vestal

Between curious kids and the future of cybersecurity, there's Roy Vestal.

Charles Eckel

Jeremie Garnier

Maria Hernandez

Ovais Iqbal

Karthik K

Imran Razack

Casie Shimansky

2019 winners

Each winner has a unique story and reason why they give back. Encouraging them to share and inspire others makes us proud.

2019 Bridge Awards

Meet the first cohort of Bridge Award winners.

Joy Bradley

Between building a house and building a life, there’s Joy Bradley.

Cathy Burns

Between children in need and a place to thrive, there’s Cathy Burns.

Rajeev Kumar

Between starving children and thriving children, there’s Rajeev Kumar.

Vanessa Russell

Between human trafficking and a future without fear, there’s Vanessa Russell.

Claus Schaale

Between newcomers and new opportunities, there’s Claus Schaale.

Shawn Tylka

Between limited mobility and a new lease on life, there’s Shawn Tylka.

Ram Sriram

Between the youth of India and the skills they need to succeed, there’s Ram Sriram.

Scott Waller

Between fighting fires and protecting firefighters, there’s Scott Waller.

Daud Yamin

Between a forgotten village and a world of opportunity, there’s Daud Yamin.

Community Hero

Each year, we ask Cisco employees to nominate a Community Hero from among our incredible Bridge Award Winners. In 2019, we shared our first hero story. We hope you are inspired by these stories as much as we are.

Cisco's 2019 Community Hero

When she lost nearly everything, Alphonsine chose not to lose hope. Today, she’s living her dream while supporting the dreams of orphans back home.