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CSR Innovation

Imagine an inclusive digital future

Technology is rapidly changing the world of work, our local communities, and our daily lives. Everyone should be able to participate in this transformation. We are crafting new corporate social responsibility initiatives that address global problems, support innovative ideas, and enable opportunity for all in our increasingly digital world.

Empowering tomorrow's global problem solvers

Over the past two decades, we built Cisco Networking Academy into an award-winning education and career-building program, opening doors for people around the world.

As we look toward the next 20 years, we’re coming up with new ways to inspire today’s digital natives to become tomorrow’s global problem solvers. We’re investing in entrepreneurs and early-stage start-ups that harness technology for social good. We partner with nonprofits that use technology to transform lives and scale their impact. And we collaborate with public universities to advance their communities through the power of digitization.

Digitize. Do More Good.

With digitization and the Internet of Things (IoT), good ideas can make a difference more quickly than ever before. They can drive economic development and help people solve some of our most pressing social and environmental challenges.

445 million lives and counting

In 2015, we made a commitment to positively impact 1 billion people worldwide by 2025 through our CSR work. To do this, we empower the most creative problem solvers to harness digital technologies in innovative ways.


Fueling an inclusive digital economy

Data-Driven Decisions

Through socioeconomic research, we better understand how technology will transform business and effective ways to address skills gaps and minimize displacement.

Fostering Skills and Entrepreneurship

We seek out and support entrepreneurial thinkers so they can start new businesses, invent new approaches, and develop effective solutions leveraging technology.

Catalyzing Ecosystems

We collaborate with educational institutions and others to empower people of all ages to be global problem solvers who can drive and thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Strategic Social Investments

We provide early-stage funding for nonprofits whose work has life-changing potential and can benefit underserved people worldwide because of technology.

Global Problem Solver Challenge

Announcing the 2019 Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge Winners

Cisco awarded Oorja the US$100,000 Grand Prize for the 2019 Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge.

Meet the Global Problem Solver: Jara

Providing emergency education in disaster-stricken areas through the power of IoT.

Meet the Global Problem Solver: OmniVis

OmniVis, along with its partners, is on a mission to end 90% of cholera by 2030.

CSR Report 2018

Discover how we are accelerating global problem solving to make the impossible possible.

Innovation accelerates global problem solving

Data drives us

We don’t design our programs in a vacuum. Rigorous socioeconomic research informs all our work.

Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge 2019

How can your innovative technology solution solve the world’s most pressing social and environmental problems?

Nonprofit start-up investments

We help bring technology solutions to life to meet critical human needs and improve education and economic opportunity around the world.