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Engaging Employees in Greenhouse Gas Reductions

From the perspective of our supply chain, to maintain market leadership, we must be environmentally responsible. This begins with responsible business practices, innovation of products and processes, and a collaborative workforce that puts sustainability into practice.

We have made a conscious decision to embed this sustainability mindset into our business processes.

Employees are critical to lasting change

Employee engagement is a crucial part of Cisco’s sustainability efforts. These efforts include reducing carbon emissions, saving energy, managing our resources efficiently, and transforming our products and packaging.  Tapping into the passion of employees enables sustainable thinking and actions. It also helps learn where to better align projects within business functions.

For example, our Make It Green project empowers team members to establish carbon reduction strategies. More than 54 sustainability “champions” across 16 business groups are involved in an average of 60 active projects at any given time. They are finding ways to reduce Cisco’s environmental footprint with sustainable packaging ideas.

Through Make It Green, approximately 2064 cumulative metric tonne of material and 21,738 cumulative metric tonne of carbon dioxide were avoided in our fiscal year 2017.

Our Make It Green champions lead carbon reduction projects for their particular products. They tap into the newest innovations, industry best practices, and direct customer feedback. Through this work, they actively drive our Supply Chain Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction Program.

Their efforts will help us reach our goal to avoid 1 million metric tonne of supply chain greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 (cumulative, compared to our fiscal year 2012 baseline).

To learn more about the progress Cisco is making toward this goal, see Table 17 on Page 98 of our 2017 CSR Report.

Meet our “green teams”

Cisco employee volunteers work to reduce energy use, waste, and travel.

EnergyOps projects pay off

Energy-reduction projects at our facilities save energy, cut costs, and increase comfort.

Reducing energy use in factories

A pilot program shows how big data can drive energy efficiency in our supply chain.