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Case Study: ZEISS

Cisco helps ZEISS unlock the power of its IoT data

ZEISS is in the business of precision, namely, helping its customers measure parts--everything from automotive and aviation, to scientific, medical, educational, energy, and industrial. When ZEISS's service-based division wanted to drive the precision of its digital strategy, it chose Cisco.



  • Collect data for customers with specialized measuring machines.
  • Address customer concerns over allowing critical data to leave their own technical environment.
  • Analyze massive amounts of data needed to be collected and analyzed across new and legacy machines.


  • A 15-20% increase in services sales and a 10-20% efficiency increase with field engineers.
  • Able to rapidly develop and scale digital transformation services.
  • Cisco securely connects smart devices through machine-to-machine data transport.
  • Automated data collection and maintenance for more efficient operations.
  • ZEISS is exploring building applications on top of Cisco's secure IoT platform for sales opportunities.

What they're saying

"Digitization makes it easier for our customers to consume our services, and secure connectivity is core to this success. It needs to be safe, standardized, reliable, and globally available."

Daniel Fischer, Digital Business Architect, ZEISS

Who is ZEISS?

Industry: Optics
Location: Global 
Size: 30,000 employees
Website: Zeiss.com