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Case Study: ProMedica

Cisco ACI supports mission-critical healthcare application

Promedica, a non-profit healthcare organization needed to create a purpose-built and highly available network to support a mission-critical healthcare application.



  • Create a dedicated network for mission-critical applications
  • Build highly available and redundant data centers
  • Enhance security and control to protect highly sensitive healthcare data


  • Consistent, automated, and highly available data center network infrastructure
  • Better security and data protection with network isolation and segmentation
  • Streamlined infrastructure and change management with single pane of glass control

What they’re saying

We’re no longer dealing with switching problems on a box-by-box basis. We’re focused on application interdependencies, microsegmentation, and automation—strategic and architectural tasks versus pure connectivity and box management.

Ben Vickers, Director of IT, ProMedica

Who is ProMedica?

Industry: Healthcare
Location: United States of America
Company Size: 18,000
Website: https://www.promedica.org/