Case Study: Open Access College

Higher Student Engagement at a Much Lower Cost

Higher Student Engagement at a Much Lower Cost

Company: Open Access College

Industry: Education K12

Location: Australia

Company Size: 200 staff and 2500 students

OAC provides lessons remotely, mainly to students between 5 and 18-years-old who are isolated through illness or geography. Formerly, classes used audioconferencing, but this type of communication was pretty much one-way, and it was costly. The college wanted to:

  • Improve access for isolated students
  • Enhance education delivery, while lowering costs.

The Solution

  • Enhancing remote teaching with an interactive online platform
  • Expanding access to connected learning with a high performing wireless and switching network
  • Improving staff interactions with video conferencing for meetings and training


  • Increased agility to meet future course enrollment needs
  • Reduced annual phone costs by over 96 percent with connected network learning
  • Achieved a tenfold increase in enrollment over five years for statewide language classes
Though digitization, we’re able to innovate and be more agile in the way we deliver education to remote areas,
- Julie Taylor,
Principal, Open Access College