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Case Study: Open Access College

Higher student engagement at a much lower cost

Open Access College provides lessons remotely, mainly to students between 5 and 18-years-old who are isolated through illness or geography. Formerly, classes used audioconferencing, but this type of communication was pretty much one-way, and it was costly. Using Cisco solutions, they cut costs and created an agile, more connected learning environment.



  • Improve access for isolated students
  • Enhance education delivery, while lowering costs



  • Increased agility to meet future course enrollment needs
  • Reduced annual phone costs by more 96% with connected network learning
  • Achieved a tenfold increase in enrollment over five years for statewide language classes

What they’re saying

Though digitization, we’re able to innovate and be more agile in the way we deliver education to remote areas.

Julie Taylor, Principal, Open Access College

Who is Open Access College?

Industry: Education
Location: Australia
Size: 200 staff and 2,500 students