Case Study: MacStadium

Mac IaaS leader simplifies Day 2 ops

With heavy demand for enterprise-grade Apple Mac infrastructure, MacStadium’s rocket-like ascent in the IaaS industry moved them toward a software-defined automation model which has dramatically simplified and streamlined Day 2 ops.



  • Align infrastructure across multiple data centers
  • Boost operational efficiency
  • Increase data center automation and insights


  • Established multi-site connectivity and orchestration
  • Accelerated data center deployments and troubleshooting
  • Improved infrastructure management, visibility, and assurance

What they're saying

Speed is the key to winning business. Since we implemented these Cisco technologies, we’ve been able to deploy new client environments faster than the identified delivery date.

Preston Lasebikan, Systems Architect, MacStadium

Who is MacStadium?

Industry: IT services
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Size: 100+ employees