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Cisco Case Study: Lee Memorial Health System

Saving critical minutes with mobile video

Lee Memorial Health System wanted to expand stroke care services in the emergency departments of its four acute care hospitals. They implemented mobile video consultations to take expert care directly to the patient to save critical minutes.



  • Connect the right physicians to geographically dispersed patients
  • Provide physician experts with quick remote access to medical records and images



  • Mobile video consultation, saving critical minutes for stroke patients
  • Physicians have fast, reliable, and secure access to patient information anytime from anywhere, reducing time to diagnose by 10 to 45 minutes.

What they’re saying

"Physicians at home can see the video and the CT scan that was taken 2 minutes ago. That can make the difference."

Michael W. Smith, CIO, Lee Memorial Health System

Who is Lee Memorial Health System?

Industry: Healthcare
Location: Fort Myers, Florida
Company size: 11,000+ employees