Internet of Everything Case Study: Hamburg Port Authority

Case Study: Hamburg Port Authority

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Creating a More Intelligent Harbor

Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) uses the Internet of Everything to connect traffic, parking, lighting, and more.


  • Develop a strategy to maintain, modernize, and constantly improve HPA’s infrastructure
  • Anticipate and keep pace with growth in the number of containers coming into the city through its port
  • Enhance the quality of life for citizens in the vicinity of the Port of Hamburg


  • Develop a more intelligent harbor operation through implementation of an Internet of Everything model
  • Build a fiber-optic backbone by consolidating networks
  • Create extensive systems for waterway, train, and road traffic management


  • Sensors help the HPA make smarter decisions: people receive data at the right time so they can invoke the proper processes when needed.
  • With an Integrated traffic management system (waterways, roads, rail) , the port can manage bridge closures and the roadway congestion that tends to increase when ships are offloading.
  • Technology continues to improve the city’s growth and quality of life.

We are striving for a smartPORT Hamburg so the whole ecosystem and operation is more intelligent.

- Dr. Sebastian Saxe,
Chief Information Officer,
Hamburg Port Authority