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Case Study: Grifols

Cisco ACI enables global data center connectivity

Grifols, a global healthcare and pharmaceutical provider, chose Cisco ACI and the Nexus 9000 as its data center fabric. As a result, this solution enabled global data center connectivity, increased IT efficiency and agility, and delivered an end-to-end automated data center.



  • Increase IT efficiency and agility to support global business
  • Enable global data center connectivity with high reliability
  • Increase security and enable automation across the network



  • Highly reliable network fabric providing scalable growth in the future
  • Transform network operations with define-once, deploy-everywhere automation
  • Improved security posture with tenant and workload segmentation

What they’re saying

Configuring physical and logical components manually takes time and can introduce errors. With Cisco ACI, we can define groups, interfaces, and policies once, and then push them everywhere from a central console. Once the scripts are  developed and the button is pushed, no human intervention is needed.

David Martinez IT communications manager, Grifols

Who is Grifols?

Industry: Healthcare
Location: United States of America
Company Size: 16000
Website: https://www.grifols.com/en/web/international/home