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Case Study: Connected Cisco Store

Retail store of the future: now open

When the Cisco Store was ready for a refresh, the team realized there was an opportunity to transform it into a showcase of the latest retail technology. By integrating Cisco technology with solutions from our vast partner ecosystem, the Connected Cisco Store became the future of shopping, now.  



  • Develop a living lab to showcase and test the latest retail technology.
  • Craft a best-in-class retail experience for our tech-savvy employees, customers, and partners.
  • Leverage Cisco and Cisco's partner ecosystem to improve operations, empower associates, and enhance the customer experience.


  • Built on existing operations to create a real-world demo for customers and employees to experience the future of retail.
  • Frictionless payment, smart dressing rooms, and connected sensors make for a seamless customer experience.
  • Smart inventory management and an associate app empower associates to provide an exceptional service.

Digital retail solutions

The Connected Cisco Store is a real-world example of the latest innovations in retail technology. From creating a world-class customer experience to managing risk and improving operations, Cisco and our partner ecosystem work together to craft the ideal solution.