Case Study: Brunel University London

University secures intellectual property with Cisco

Brunel University London is a leading multidisciplinary, research-intensive technology university. Learn how Cisco Security Platform helps them defend intellectual property from cyber threats, while increasing operational efficiency.



  • Defending highly targeted data against online criminals and nation states
  • Potential fines and damage to school reputation if or when data breaches occurred
  • Building a top-notch security strategy from scratch, with a tight budget


  • 70-percent gain in network efficiency due to better threat detection and response
  • Sought-after intellectual property is now protected
  • The university gained a competitive advantage with its security stance

What they're saying

Cisco added huge value to my thought leadership that helped us chart a way forward, together. Cisco also provided the security architecture we'd use to automate some of our product integrations and accelerate key security operations.

Michael Jenkins, Chief Information Security Officer
Brunel University London

Who is Brunel University London?

Industry: Education
Location: London, United Kingdom
Size: 3,000 students, 200 educators, and support staff