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Interview Tips

Be prepared. Be unique. Be yourself.

Our values set out in our People Deal reflect who we are, what we believe, and how we behave. We celebrate diverse perspectives and encourage openness. Be yourself at your interview or assessment. Show your personality and passion in a way that is true to you. We want to get to know the real you!


Understand our business

At Cisco we aim to change the world through technology, innovation, and connections. Show us you understand our business and purpose. Show us you have thought about how we can impact the world and what innovations can shape our future. Show us you get our customers, what their needs are, and how we can help them. 


Understand the job

Tell us why you want this job, how it fits your goals, and what you can bring to the role. Study the job description and be able to convey why you want this role. What unique skills do you bring to it? Think through your work experience and interests and how they will help you succeed at Cisco.


Reflect on your strengths and growth areas

At Cisco we value integrity and doing the right thing. We look for individuals who are open, honest, and earn the trust and confidence of others. Use the interview to demonstrate that you value your personal development and acknowledge your strengths as well as weaknesses. 


Think about your skills and achievements

List your achievements and activities such as university societies, interests and hobbies, internships or work placements, and volunteer work. Make notes on the skills you gained and how you applied them, and also what you contributed to different situations. Share examples of how you made a difference.


Three kinds of interviews

Different interviews serve specific purposes. Telephone interviews check a candidate’s basic requirements and filter out anyone who isn’t serious. In competence-based interviews, you’ll match your skills to those needed for the role. Panel interviews led by several people such as HR staff and hiring managers are also common. 


What kind of interview to expect

If your recruiter hasn’t already told you what kind of interview you’ll be having, ask to find out. Once you’ve established what to expect you’ll be able to prepare for the types of questions and scenarios you could experience during the interview.


Stay calm and take your time

It’s natural to be nervous, but if you’re prone to fearful reactions that could hurt your chances, plan in advance to overcome them as best you can. Remember that it’s fine to pause and gather your thoughts before replying, and if you’re unsure about a question it’s also fine to ask for clarification.


Be curious and ask questions

Asking informed questions shows us you are hungry to learn more about us. Use your research to think up at least three questions to ask us about our company and at least three questions about the job itself. You can write them down to take into the interview as a reminder.

Applying to Cisco

All you need to know to apply — from profile setup to interviewing tips.

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