Embracing a

Conscious Culture

What Makes Cisco’s culture unique?


Culture is a specific way of life. We care deeply about a positive experience for all.

A diverse and

inclusive environment

Where everyone feels welcome and celebrated.



Our principles are embodied by all, and are often

the reason many choose to join and stay.

The Cisco


How we interact each day with our teams, leaders,

and meaningful work.

We are self-aware of ourselves and our environment. We feel accountable

and empowered to contribute to a culture where everyone thrives

and where we intentionally seek out, learn, understand, and appreciate

who - and what - surrounds us. That’s what a Conscious Culture is all about.

Why is Cisco the

#1 World's Best Place to Work?


From our technology and diversity to giving back and our people – take it from our

employees on why they love working at Cisco! They created this graphic representing

how they feel about our culture.

Let's demonstrate empathy. Lets be kind to one another. Let's have curiosity. Let's continue to learn. And most importantly, let's take action. In a Conscious Culture, that's our job. We take action if we experience something or if we see something. And in doing so, we change the culture for all.

Francine Katsoudas, Chief People, Policy
& Purpose Officer

Our people are the heart of Cisco

Why do our employees love working at Cisco? It's our PEOPLE! Each person brings their unrivaled talents and individuality to work as a team and make a difference. Are you ready to make an impact? 


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