Accessing Cisco Technical Services

Accessing Cisco Technical Services
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Technical Services Quick Start Guide PDF (PDF - 3.46 MB)

TS Delivery Quick Reference Guide PDF (PDF - 196 KB)

Accessing Cisco Technical Services

Accessing Cisco Technical Services is your primary resource to effectively understand how to engage your technical support services from Cisco.

Start with the overview for a quick walk-through of some of the key processes, then select other topics you want to learn more about. Bookmark this page as your ongoing reference tool and knowledge resource on how to access Technical Services from Cisco.

Learning Modules

The modules listed below will walk you through some of the key processes you'll need to understand in order to get technical support from Cisco.

Accessing Cisco Technical Services Overview Multimedia (11:52)
Provides an overview of how to access Cisco Technical Services.

Cisco Support Website Multimedia (10:28)
Highlights the Cisco Support Website tools and resources that can help you resolve product issues.

Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Multimedia (12:46)
Describes the processes for engaging the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC).

Support Case Management Multimedia (5:52)
Outlines the steps, processes, and deliverables for TAC support cases.

Premium Services Multimedia (11:23)
Learn how premium services such as Cisco Focused Technical Services and Cisco Remote Management
Services impact the service request process.

Service Supply Chain Delivery Multimedia (13:57)
Outlines the process for securing hardware replacements.

Note: The Accessing Cisco Technical Services learning modules are best viewed in a display resolution of 1024x768 or higher.


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