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Cisco Smart Call Home Now Available on Cisco Unified Computing System, Cisco Catalyst 4500 and 4900 Series Switches, Cisco 7200 Series Routers, and Cisco 7301 Router

Cisco recently shipped the first Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS). The Cisco UCS B-series is Smart Call Home-enabled, providing you with a vital proactive support capability. In addition, four other devices are now supported by this embedded support feature.

Cisco Smart Call Home is an award-winning, embedded support feature available on a broad range of Cisco products. Smart Call Home-enabled devices continuously perform proactive diagnostics on their own components to provide real-time alerts and remediation advice when an issue is detected. This proactive support capability is provided at no additional cost when you have an active Cisco SMARTnet Service, SP Base, Unified Computing Support Service, or Mission-Critical Support Service contract for the designated devices. With Smart Call Home, you will spend less time troubleshooting, experience a speedier resolution to network issues, and gain higher network availability.

The spectrum of Cisco products that are enabled to support Smart Call Home is rapidly expanding, providing end-to-end enterprise and data center device support.

The newest products that have been enabled with the Smart Call Home capability include:

  • Cisco Catalyst 4500 and 4900 Series Switches
  • Cisco 7200 Series Routers
  • Cisco 7301 Router
  • Cisco Unified Computing System B-Series

This is in addition to products already supported, including the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches, Cisco Nexus 7000 and 5000 Series Switches, Cisco 7600 Series, and Cisco MDS 9000 data center products.

Throughout 2010, additional routing and switching devices, as well as many other Cisco products, will be supported by Smart Call Home.

Cisco is committed to bringing - the benefits of Smart Call Home real-time troubleshooting to a broader range of customers. Data center customers will now be able to receive the availability and operational efficiency benefits of a call-home solution that is a basic requirement for their business.

Smart Call Home is easy to configure. To download the correct software release and Quick Start Guide for your device, visit the Smart Call Home website:

For more information about Cisco Technical Services, contact your Cisco service account manager or visit


New Cisco Product Documentation Available Online

"What's New in Cisco Product Documentation" is an online publication that provides information about the latest documentation releases for Cisco products. Updated monthly, this online publication is organized by product category to direct you quickly to the documentation for your products.

In addition to many new and revised documents, highlights of the August release include documentation for the following:

  • Cisco Active Network Abstraction. 3.6.6
  • Cisco IP Solution Center, 5.2
  • Cisco PGW-2200 Softswitch

View the latest release of "What's New in Cisco Product Documentation" online or as an RSS feed today.


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