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Cisco Smart Call Home Wins SSPA Award for Best Embedded Product Support

Cisco Technical Services has a reputation for award-winning exceptional customer service and network support. The newest Cisco service capability to be recognized by industry peers is Smart Call Home, awarded a 2008 SSPA STAR Award by the Service & Support Professionals Association (SSPA) for "Best Embedded Product Support."

Embedded in the latest OS release of the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series, Cisco MDS 9000 Family, and Cisco 7600 Series Router, the Smart Call Home capability offers proactive diagnostics and real-time alerts on Cisco devices. Alerts can automatically engage the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) in potential issues and determine resolution steps by the time network administrators are even aware there is a problem. Devices are continually monitored with secure, connected service. If an issue is detected, an automated service request may be generated, including detailed diagnostics, and immediately routed to the correct TAC team.

It's easy to download and install the appropriate operating system update and then configure the Smart Call Home service feature. A Quickstart Guide is provided so that in less than 30 minutes you can start to benefit from this powerful, new diagnostic capability.

Resolution and parts replacement (if needed) can take less than one-third the time compared to the normal troubleshooting process. Mike DeDecker of Warner Pacific, a general insurance agency for insurance carriers, recently spoke about the time-saving business benefit he experienced:

"Cisco Smart Call Home allowed me to fix a network problem in about an hour that would have typically taken one of my staff two days to troubleshoot. Not only did Smart Call Home save me the operational expense of keeping one of my engineers on this issue for 48 hours, but the bigger bonus was that it kept my customer connected and happy as well."

The Smart Call Home capability is available through Cisco SMARTnet Service and Cisco SP Base Service and will be available for many other Cisco devices over the next 12 months. The Cisco Nexus 5000 and Cisco Nexus 7000 Series will be supported in June.

Cisco helps customers operate their Cisco solutions throughout their lifecycle, and this award recognizes the innovative approach Cisco has taken with Cisco Smart Call Home. The prestigious SSPA peer-recognition award honors companies that demonstrate ongoing high-level commitment to delivering world-class results in software and technical support.

According to Joe Pinto, Senior VP Cisco Technical Services, "Smart Call Home is the first of many new technical service developments on the horizon that stands to redefine technical service and support from reactive to proactive and eventually being predictive."

For detailed information, including the Warner Pacific video, visit the Smart Call Home webpage.

Announcing the New Edition of the Cisco Product Quick Reference Guide

The Cisco Product Quick Reference Guide is your tool for matching today's business challenges with industry-leading products, services, and solutions from Cisco. A compact, portable, and easy-to-use reference tool, the guide summarizes information about many of Cisco's products and services sold through our channel partners. Inside the guide you will find a wealth of information, including brief product and service overviews, important features, technical specifications, part numbers, and ordering information. It meets your information needs whether you're an enterprise, a service provider, or a small or medium-sized business.

For more information and to place your order, visit the "Cisco Product Quick Reference Guide" website today.

New Cisco Product Documentation Available Online

"What's New in Cisco Product Documentation" is an online publication that provides information about the latest documentation releases for Cisco products. Updated monthly, this online publication is organized by product category to direct you quickly to the documentation for your products.

In addition to many new and revised documents, highlights of the July release include documentation for the following:

  • Cisco NAC Appliance Service Contract/Licensing Support
  • Cisco NX-OS Fundamentals Command Reference, Release 4.0
  • Cisco Secure Router 520 Series Hardware Installation Guide

View the latest release of "What's New in Cisco Product Documentation" online or as an RSS feed today.

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